Thursday, December 11, 2008

Whitney Port In The City...

I had no clue whom this chic was, but I saw her last night on a From The Hills, To The City show featuring scenes from Whitney Ports role on The Hills, and within this look back at her history on the show, they sporadically threw in some 10 second or so clips from the new show The City.

This one chick caught my eye simply because she was pretty, and because she came off in a villain mean girl sort of way. -Like when she was telling Whitney about her 'party' where only close friends were invited.... yet she never invited Whitt. So Olivia Palermo... why bother to even mention it?

At any rate though, villains are always cool... and I figured this girl would fit the bill.

After seeing a few clips featuring this Olivia gal, I had to hit the net to find out a little more about her. Pretty much everything I found though was boring, and her most recent photos were with her and Whitney Port... so I figured even though MTV made her look the villain, her and Whitney are actually friendly now. At least that's what the pictures suggest.

Anyhow, The City is a spin-off of The Hills, featuring Whitney Port advancing in her career and moving out to NY. Seems pretty boring, because Whitney never really had any fun, drama filled events on The Hills. At any rate though I will give the show a shot... simply because I want to see her dump that disgusting hairy ape man that she is ga-ga over.

I much rather would see a spin-off show featuring Audrina Patridge, and her ape man Justin Bobby.
Audrina just seems like her life is filled with more delicious drama than Whit's, and not for nothing, Whitney is pretty blah, blah, boring- yet she, and Brody Jenner get the spin-offs? Whatevs.

Anyhow, what else do I have to look forward this winter season when it comes to TV? Oh I know, Breaking Bad is coming back sometime in 2009! Nothing I love more than rooting for the bad guys. Hmm... then we have the return of... ugh...Rock of Love Bus, or something extremely retarded like that. Bah!

I hope something good comes of TV this winter, because as of now the new line ups look hella stupid.

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