Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where Are You Christmas? Why Can't I Find You?

So Christmas is in approximately 2 days. My Christmas spirit is absolutely shot. That magic that I once could conjure up as a kid, is a thing of the past, and frankly its pretty damn sad that now something as special as Christmas feels like an ordinary day.

Last year I was able to salvage some of my spirit by putting up thousands of lights on the house and in the yard, and managing to be the reason the employees over at Lilco got a Christmas bonus.

I tried repeating that pattern, figured it worked last year... so why not this year? Unfortunately it didn't work. The lights didn't even spark a bit of spirit. In fact, I was just pissed off the entire time putting them up. The electricity kept going out, and blowing fuses.

Tomorrow is Xmas Eve. The whole family is coming over, but oddly enough, this year nearly half of them have to work, and won't be showing up till later. I think this is the first official year ever where nearly everyone will be at work! This has never happened, but it also managed to add to my Grinch like, bah hum bug way.

It's just so sad, because I cannot recall a damn thing from last years festivity's, yet I can picture perfectly a Christmas of long, long ago when I was around 6. Why are Christmas's not as special or memorable when you get older?

Ah yes, magic. Its all about the magic, and the fact that when you are 6, you don't have to spend $1000 in the drop of a hat, nor do you have to get into fist fights with fat dowdy house wives over a goddamn parking space.

At any rate, I wonder if my parents viewed Christmases when we were kids, a more special and memorable time? I'm sure.

Welp, everyone, I'll be away for awhile, so enjoy your holiday...


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