Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To The Devil's House

Wow... I'm really flippin bored. Half hour left till I finally get to check on out and go home. It's funny how the last 30 minutes of your work day can feel like an entire 8 hour work day all crammed together in 30 minutes.

It's also funny that whenever my boss is in my goddamn cell phone goes off every 5 minutes. Not the actual ring tone, but the stupid little text chime. I have mine set up to say 'Check Yo Messages Cuzz'...because if you know me, than you know my cousin is like my only friend. So I figured this voice tone would be so fitting, seeing that she'd be the only one texting me. This has not been the case though, in the past few months I've seemed to gain some sort of wild crazy text popularity, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry feels the need to send me a text.

Crap ranging from what they had for breakfast, to their dog just had a still born puppy. Yeah. Seriously!

I tell them time, and time again, to save their urgent messages for noon time. Noon time is my break time, and also the only time when no one else is in the workplace with me. Do they listen though? Nope... every 5 minutes I get the ol 'Check Yo Messages Cuzz' tone... it's starting to drive me insane. Me being the person I am though, I have to check every text, and respond to each one, even when the conversation is full blown bore-o-rama.

At any rate, only 2 minutes have gone by since writing this, and I could really use one of those lame still born puppy texts right now. Even though the convo will suck, at least it will kill time.

Not that there is anything important to rush home to. I'll be heading out to my boyfriend's sisters house, who whole heartily hates my existence. Not sure what it is? Maybe my face? I think though it has to do with my age. Compared to her, I'm a fetus.

Whenever I'm around her though, she has one of her usual snide rich person speaking to a pauper comments. Then there was this one time... hehe... when I showed up with glitter jeans and it got all over her carpet. It was classic. I wish I took pictures.

Then there was this other time, when I showed up with non-name brand shoes. Another Kodak moment it twas.

Come on lady, you're like 45!?!?! I cannot help it that my 26 year old skin is firmer, nor can I help it that I'm not going through menopause. Can you dig it? Lay off of me. I'm a nice person... she however... only nice when she's asleep. Even then I'm sure she's being nasty to someone in her dreams.
So I figure she will pop up in my blog often, so I may as well refer to her as the devil.

Anyways, I've managed to ramble, so I should end it there. Just 18 more minutes!!!

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