Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A 26 Year Old Diary

It's funny how time just creeps up on you. Take me for instance. I somehow am 26 year old. I don't know how I got here this fast, and honestly when people ask my age, my tongue still wants to say '15'. I don't know why 15, maybe my mentality is still stuck there. No clue why, because nothing important happened to me at 15. I didn't have a first kiss, and I didn't loose my virginity, or anything mind blowingly big like that?

However I have to stop when I'm asked my age, and think.

Then... oh yeah 'I'm 26...or...errr... was that 25?'

Then I start thinking of my birth year, in order to confirm that I am indeed 26, and not 25. Like it matters.
Still though I guess at 26, age starts to confuse you and you sometimes go through the whole year thinking you're 25, when really you're 26. Only on your 27th birthday does someone remind you that you are 27. Damn them to hell!

At any rate, before I jumped into this whole blog-o-sphere, I wanted to say that this is my first blog.
Well not technically. I began on Wordpress, and frankly the place irked me the first 24 hours I joined, so I landed here, and hope for greener pastures. Or at least a better understanding of what blogging was.

You see, over at Wordpress I planned on sharing reviews, because that's what I do. I review things. In fact over on Associated Content I have over 1,500 articles, ranging from reviews, to celeb gossip. I like writing though, and wanted to seek out other places to share my content with, so I'm here. Hi.

Anyhow, over on Word Press I was going to mix things up with reviews and life stories thrown in the mix. But you know, it didn't feel right. It felt more like a frigging journal/sell out, seeing that I was seeking out hits for my high end electronic reviews.

This time though, I figured I'd just stick to the basics. If I like something, I'll let yah know without it sounding all professional review like. Because as we all know professional reviews, as lovely as they are... can be a wee bit boring and monotone. Ugh! Nothing I hate more than a blah blah blah blah blah of a review. Dry eyes, equals clear eyes, equals... yawn!

One delicious find of mine came to me a few weeks ago, and I have since been addicted. Red Bull Cola! Holy hell, who invented this?!?!? Normally I hate Red Bull, but as soon as I saw that they added a cola to their energy drink line, I had to try it... one word = ADDICTING!

It somewhat tastes like original Coca Cola, only it packs a more powerful cola flavor, and it's simply to die for. Best of all though, it supplies you with long lasting energy, so it's my hot find right now, and for some reason I felt the need to share, only because it's sitting on my work desk right now.

Anyways, I have to go take a pee right now. I know, I'm so disgusting, but whatever, you love it!

Till tomorrow.

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