Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Blog Doll

It really amazes me how un-popular I am here in the wonderful world of the world wide web. I figured my witty charm would win me thousands of followers and viewers to this here blog over night. I manage to capture 40,000 readers a week on Associated Content, so I figured branching out my horizons would be a good thing. A plus... tons of readers. But after 4 or 5 days of this here blog coming to life, I have managed to capture 18 people. 17 I know of which were my own clicks. I wish this here blog didn't count my own clicks.

No matter though, I'm truly just as un-popular here on this blog, as I am in real life. Associated Content simply made me feel more well liked, seeing that I do rather well for myself there. I guess I felt I fit in... and then I came here... and well reality hits... I'm a web loser like millions of others. Heheh. No matter, I'm amusing myself, so...

that's all that really matters.

Well tonight looks like it is about to be another Taco Bell night.
If you have actually been looking at my blog, you'll notice a change in the titles photo. Cool doll huh? Some clever person out there actually makes that doll. I wish I could remember who, because I really wanted the damn thing. Something sad and haunting, and beautiful about it... so I'll keep her as my blog main photo for now.

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