Friday, April 24, 2009

How To Add Amazon Associates Links To Your Blogger Blog

I first began blogging just a few short months ago. I had no idea it would be worth my wild. I simply started a blog just because I like writing and sharing photos.

When I realized one of my blogs was getting particularly popular. I wanted to try and make some money. I mean the visitors were coming, maybe I could take advantage of that fact!? Maybe they'll buy something?

I already had a Google Adsense account, but I was only making a few cents a day, and maybe one or two dollars here and there.

I wanted a way to make more, so I decided to join Amazon Affiliates.

I knew very little about the program, but I knew enough to know that if someone bought something by clicking through one of my Amazon Affiliate links, I'd make some commission money!

I had no clue at first how to go about doing it, but I poked around and figured it out bit by bit.

The first thing you are going to need of course is your blog.

Next you want to either add a simple banner, or a more direct post relating to your niche (blog.

For instance, one particular blog post I did was a review on my HDTV. First of course I wrote my review out, was honest, gave pros and cons, and then I added the same exact HDTV model with an Amazon Associates link.

It looks like this:

How you may be wondering?

It's all really simple.

First log into you Amazon Associates account.

You will see a tab at the top that says Links and Banners. Click This.

On the page that loads up click the link that reads:

Add Product Links Now

Then you simply add what it is you want to display on your page in the 'Search for box'

I simply searched HDTV, and chose an appropriate link.

When you find the product you want to display on your page you simply click the yellow 'Get Link' box.

On this next page you will see an odd HTML code box for you to cut and past into your blog or site.

Before taking the code though you can play around with the colors of the box. For instance change the colors around for a unique look for 4th of July, or so on.

Next you take that code, and post the code into a blog post, or into an HTML widget in the layout section on Blogger.

I prefer to put them in posts relating to the subject. Like I said, a review on an HDTV, and then adding the affiliate code to that post.

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