Monday, April 6, 2009

Real Chance of Love 2: Coming Soon to VH1

I am addicted to VH1 reality shows. Although I am well aware that a lot of editing goes into these reality shows, I still eat them up like a starved wolf. I fall in love with the quirky contestants, and I even end up hating a few of them.

About a year ago I predicted that Chance would get his own love show after New York dumped him. The time eventually came, only I was not expecting both Real and Chance to star in it.

If you have been following, you already know that both Real and Chance were dumped by Tiffany Pollard in her I Love New York show.

Real was also denied by Hoopz (contestant loser from Flavor of Love).

Almost as quickly as his engagement went denied, VH1 decided to whip up a love show for both of the brothers to hopefully find love. Another spin-off, off of a spin-off!

Real Chance of Love aired and fans of the Stallionaire's got to watch as both Real and Chance tried to find loves to call their own.

Now normally I LOVE reality TV, especially when they are fueled by drama, cat fights, and big fake boobies.

Real Chance of Love though was probably the most disappointing reality spin-off love show VH1 has ever brought to fans.

The brothers seemed to take on a whole new persona, where their thuggish first impressions were melted away with feminine catch phrases, rhinestone studded jackets, ridiculously girly hair styles, and shiny bling bling that even a girl would find too overwhelming.

I knew before the show ended that Chance was not really looking for love (more like publicity), and I predicted that Real and Cornfed would end as quickly as their relationship began.

Although each and every episode became more painful to watch than the last, I kept up with the show just to see who would fight with who. I love the fights.

Finally the season ended, and I was grateful.

Then today, while roaming around the web, what do I find?

I find an article on stating that Real and Chance will be back to the limelight to once again give it a go at finding love.

That is correct ladies and gents, Real Chance of Love is coming back for yet another season! So far their are no official announcements on air dates, but VH1 tends to work fast, and I predict the show will be on the air before the fall season.

Stay tuned!

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