Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Hills Season 5, Episode 5 Recap

So Hills fans, last week we watched as the girls planned on crashing Brody's boymance party in Hawaii.

Last night was pretty much the continuation, and obviously the girls crash the party. That's pretty much where we start off. Lauren, Stephanie, Audrina and Lo all show up in the longing area at the resort where Brody and his entourage are.

Hmm...being a past Bromance fan I have to wonder where his Bromance winner is?!?! Hello!? Did they break up?! Gez.

Anyhow, it's pretty obvious that drama is about to unfold because Audrina has her big doughy brown eyes set on Brody ever since he buttered up her ego in last weeks episode.

Meanwhile back at home Heidi announces to Spencer that her ex-boyfriend is coming in to town, and that she thinks it is a good idea for Spencer to meet him and to learn some of his good boy church manners.

Oddly enough they plan a dinner together where Spencer is his usual judgmental douche-bag self. He keeps criticizing Heidi's ex, and his girlfriends beliefs about remaining a virgin till marriage. Instead of just respecting it, he has to question them to death on the subject.

At any rate it was a dinner date that was simply unexpected, out of the blue, and totally set up. It just reeked of MTV's doing. Spencer and Heidi's scenes all seem this way in season 5, and frankly it's getting old, and fast. I didn't think I would ever get sick of Speidi...but I think this season will drown them both, especially if things continue to look so staged.

Anyways, let's flip on back to our girls in Hawaii. Lauren is pretty much background goods this episode, an really has nothing interesting or drama worthy going on at this time.

Audrina however steals the spotlight when we learn that she slept in Brody's room!!! Uh-oh... his girlfriend Jade is going to be pissed!

Now normally I adore Audrina, I just thought her move was pretty classless, and Brody went down on the charming scale and into total scumbag territory...but alas... this is the new drama we have to look forward to, because by the looks of the previews next week, Jade (Brody's gal pal) is going to confront Audrina for being such a hussy... now I hope for Jades sake she stays away from Brody, because if he did do something with Audrina who knows what creepy crusty crabbies got left behind from Justin Bobby! Phee-Yew!

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