Monday, April 6, 2009

New York Goes To Work, Coming Soon to VH1!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what it is about her... Tiffany Pollard, aka New York. I find her to be repulsive, yet at the same time she is so god-dang addicting.

Tiffany Pollard was one of VH1's first 'date show contestants' to get her very own Spin-off show.

If you have followed her since her VH1 time line began, you will remember New York from Flavor of Love. After being dumped by Flavor Flav (twice) VH1 decided to give her the opportunity to find love on her own terms. A few months later VH1 gives birth to the I Love New York Show.

After failing in her first love attempt, she was given yet another show I Love New York 2. We learned in her last show New York Goes to Hollywood that her and Tailor Made were dunzo.

Once that show ended though we pretty much hadn't heard anything about New York, and when we all watched her turn down a role for I Love New York 3, fans just assumed that she would disappear and we'd not hear about her ever again.

Once again though VH1 resurrected their old time favorite gal New York by giving her yet another show which is labeled as New York Goes to Work.

This show is a little different from all of New York's previous endeavor's. In this reality show, America will get to decide the weekly fates of New York.

Some people love her, some people hate her, and some people they love her and hate her all at the same time.

In New York Goes to Work, viewers will have the opportunity to text vote on which job New York should be taking on the following week. The vote with the highest numbers will be the job that New York must do.

It can range from anything to waitressing, sewer plants, farming, and more.

Although I know VH1 is hoping for this one to be successful, I think that many of us are a little tired of New York. But hey, maybe she will have some new tricks up her sleeves in order to rake in the ratings! We shall see, we shall see!!!

New York Goes to Work will be airing on May 4th 2009 on VH1 at 10pm. I know I'll be tuning in!

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