Monday, April 20, 2009

Bret Michaels and Rock of Love Bus Winner Taya Still Together!

I am so angry I missed the Rock of Love Bus reunion show last night!!! There was just not enough coverage on the reunion show, so I wasn't even aware it would be airing this fast!

(Or maybe I'm a Tivo junkie and I fast forward through all of the commercial B.S)

At any rate when I found out the reunion show aired I had one question on my mind; were Taya and Bret still together?

As it turns out they are, but as with every celebreality reunion show, the flames usually die out a few weeks after it airs.

Heck I don't even have to run through the list... it turns out no celebreality VH1 show has ever had a surviving couple. I think the longest they had yet was New York and Tailor Made.

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