Monday, April 27, 2009

ModTheSims3 Confused Me!

So today while doing my usual round of looking up the latest Sims 3 news I came across a site.

I tried signing in using my old screen name from ModTheSims2, and to my bewilderment, my username does not exist!?


So I do what anyone would do. I figure I have to make a new account for the new Sims 3 community.

After signing up under the impression that this site was affiliated with MODTHESIMS, I learned that ModTheSims3 had no connection whatsoever to the original site!

Well that says it all.

How do I feel about the use of such a similar name? Honestly, I didn't think it would piss me off, but it did.

How do other ModtheSims2 fans feel about this new site?

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