Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Viewer's First Impressions: Donna Is Back On the New 90210...

Last week CW11's new 90210 surprised fans by bringing back Donna Martin, who is now known as Donna Silver.
Yep, her and David Silver tied the knot and had a baby. So sad for Donna though, because the two split up.
After the split Donna decides to come knocking on Kelly's door.

A return of an original is pretty much what this show needed (so we all thought).

Fans of the show seem to be more obsessed with the old set of 90210 character's, and have yet to truly embrace the shows new fresh young faces.

CW pretty much has to know that the show is screwed, and with the return of some former 90210 faces the fans are not as happy with the way things are going. Double screwed. I sense an O.C downfall in the works.

I personally thought having appearances of old characters come into the show would definitely help the show survive this horrendous rut, but seriously the plots and dialog are getting so bad and fake that it makes you wonder if they're 'trying' to pull the plug on their own show.

When Donna returns though they totally ruined the memory of what the original show once was. Everyone who is anyone always believed that Donna and David would live happily ever after; especially the way they were when the original show came to an end!

Instead they ripped that deep love away by creating an unseen split between the two. Although David Silver has yet to make a comeback, the new show pretty much ruined what fans adored about the original David and Donna.

That's not the only thing though that was bothersome about Donna's return. Was it just me or did she seem like she was on speed when she first appeared in the show?! Her dialog was spat out quickly, she seemed in a rush, and all over the place. I couldn't connect with her the way I once could in the original. I don't necessarily blame her though, the dialog she was given pretty much sucked.

Anyhow, with Donna back we learn that she's been in Japan for years with David. Davids career took off and the two ended up staying there longer than she initially intended. Shortly afterward though Donna's clothing line took off, and it was all the more reason to stay in Japan.

However due to Donna's dream to always wanting to come back to her original zip code, the two ended up splitting, and low and behold we have Donna and her baby!

At first we don't know if Donna will stay or go, but after some stupid dialog between her and Kelly in some cafe a celeb walks up to Donna and compliments her outfit. Donna tells her she made it (and right then and there fans knew Donna was staying. No more needed to be said).

The woman then hires Donna to make her a dress for some red carpet event. How fitting!

Donna of course makes the dress, and lands on TV in the background during the red carpet walk. Man seriously!?

The next week we follow Donna and Kelly as they go off on some stupid excursion to a fortune teller (yes, it seriously went there. I didn't think it could get worse, but yes, the show went there), Donna wants this psychic to tell her if she should stay in Beverly Hills, or go back to Japan. Kelly is in the background smirking and laughing like shes a high-schooler again.

The psychic tells Donna she cannot tell her what to do, but to look out for a sign.

The psychic turns to Kelly and tells her she will meet a man with a six pack. Naturally she takes it as a joke.

As someone who can predict where that was going I already knew that the psychic did not mean a six pack as in abs. I knew it meant Kelly was about to run into someone with a 6 pack of beer! Gosh gee golly, I was right!

Likely Page Break
Anyhow, Donna is looking for her 'sign' and eventually lands in front of an empty office building where she feels would be the perfect place for her to open up her business. Welcome back Donna! Let's just hope they don't destroy you any further with this piss poor plot.

So how do I feel about Donna's return?

Well the feeling is not good. If they couldn't get fans to connect with a character they had deeply connected with 20 years ago they may as well cut the chord now.

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