Thursday, April 23, 2009

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 12: Natalie Is Cut From Competition

I've had my evil eye on Natalie ever since she refused to cut her hair. The egotistical chick thought her hair was so wonderful that it need not be cut.

Tyra feeds into that ego by leaving her hair as is! Oops!

Since her little diva meltdown I never liked her. I found her to be plain, pale, homely, shaggy, and frankly nothing stuck out as modelesque. Not only that, she thought she was better than all of the other competitors...I guess she was the only one to feel that way. I know I didn't. I was scratching my head wondering why she kept passing through to the next round! I wanted to see her get cut from the elimination earlier on, but finally her time came. Natalie finally expires from the competition!

Anyhow before I go into further details on why she was cut, let's rewind back to the beginning. As we all know the girls are going to be competing in Brazil. They arrive to the beautiful country and immediately are thrown into a competition to race to bring The Girl from Ipanema her favorite flower.

They first have to race to a florist to pick up her favorite flowers, which are birds of paradise. After retrieving the flowers they then must follow a map to a botanical garden where The Girl from Ipanema is waiting.

As with any challenge, whomever wins gets some sort pf prize.

Aminat and Teyona pair up, Foe and Natalie pair up, and Allison and Celia pair up for the race.

Turns out Foe and Natalie won the race. Before finding out what their prizes are though The Girl from Ipanema gives the girls the key to their new model house in Brazil.

Inside sit baskets of prizes for Natalie and Foe. The baskets include some $500 swarovski crystal sandals, and a few other things for them to enjoy.

Everyone seems thrilled with the new house except for Natalie who is not impressed with the country, nor the house. She complains about a lack of a pool, and makes it clear she's not all too thrilled with her surroundings. Ugh, how Nataliesque!

After taking in the new home, the girls are then shuttled off to yet another challenge. The girls pull up to a group of Martial Art Street Performers who look like they are break dancing, yet mixing it up with martial arts. It looked pretty cool! The girls are all taught a few moves and are told to incorporate modeling into the body moves.

After learning some quick techniques the 2 Jays pop out and put them through a quick photo-shoot.

Foe ends up winning by taking the best shot. Her challenge win is an additional 50% more shots during the next actual photo-shoot. The catch is, she gets to chose another competitor whom she wants to take half their shots away.

Foe is mad at Teyona last week for not taking her on the Seventeen Magazine photo-shoot, so she chooses to remove half of Teyonas frames. Teyona acts like shes okay with it, but later on at the house confronts her in a snide way.

The next day the girls are ready to do their photo-shoot. The theme this week is Carmen Miranda, whom is known as the girl with the fruit on her head! Chiquita Banana!

All of the girls go through their hair and makeup, and end up looking adorable.

The setting for the photo-shoot is a little odd though. It is being taken on a poorer street in Brazil where children are running wild, and dogs walk through some of the shoots. Its clear its a poor area, but at the same time a very interesting and unique spot for a photo-shoot.

Natalie naturally has something to say about the poor town.

Celia is first up for her shot. She looks a little pasty and old, but does a decent job at her shoot.

After Celia we have Allison who looks relatively awkward when trying to push the model inside of her, out.

After Allison Natalie steps...err... I mean sits on steps barely moving. All of her shots included her sitting on steps. It was pretty boring, yet Jay kept telling her she was taking great shots?

Anyhow, after Natalie we have Aminat who stands there with her hands on her hips and her face looking the same it does week after week. With Jay having to stop and coach her I assumed she would be the one going home this week.

Teyona steps up next and pulls of beautiful shot after shot. I was pretty surprised in the shot they chose to go in to panel though as I swear she took some phenomenal gorgeous smiling shots.

Foe is last, and fails to impress Jay. He claims her photos are coming off as drag queenish. I frankly loved her shots, but they said that she looked way too much like Carmen Miranda, and she was not able to come off as her own unique self. Whatever that means? I thought she pulled off the essence of Carmen Miranda perfectly.

Eliminations come, and Tyra chooses Allison's bubbly sexy shot as the top photo of the week. Allison's photo naturally will hang as digital art in the models home for the next week.

Allison is safe, and doing well might I add.

Next model who is safe from eliminations is Teyona, Foe, and Celia.

Aminat and Natalie are in the bottom 2. I assume right away that it will be Aminat who will be sent packing due to her receiving the same critique week after week.

I think though that Natalie opening her mouth and blaming Jay for her lackluster photos is what sent her packing. Oh that and her face barely ever changed in all of her photos!

And there we have it ladies and more Natalie.

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