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VH1's Tough Love- Steve Sends Arian Home- Says She Needs The Type Of Help He Cannot Offer


Promiscuous girl...

So I have been following Tough Love for a few weeks now, and although I find it to be one of VH1's weakest shows, I still watch it just so I can cuss at my TV, at this supposed Matchmaker from heaven Steve.

Frankly the very first episode got under my skin!

For those who have not followed, Tough Love is basically about a guy named Steve who will coach women in the dating department. A handful of 30 something women all packed into one large house, whom week after week get tips, and do challenges in order to better their dating habits for potential suitors.

It's called Tough Love because Steve tells it like it is in not so pleasant ways.

Now although I agree with some of his tactics, there have been some words he has spoken which were just downright sexist. The one line that pissed me off the most, was when he claimed that women seem to be more delusional than men when it comes to dating.

Please!!! I don't know how many retarded one liners I have heard from guys before. Women at least don't have these lame ass one liners, and we certainly don't stalk out our prey like many guys I have encountered have done to me! Not only that, we can take a hint when the other party is not interested. Guys seem to be blindfolded by our 'get lost' hints.

Anyhow, with that said, Steve himself seemed delusional, but eh... it's more exploitation sleaze TV, and a good way to wither away an hour before bed.

Anyhow week after week I grew to like all of the girls. Ariana in particular stuck out as a bit of a problem with her non-stop sexual frustrations, and err... promiscuous ways.

Frankly I was confused why she was even there. It was pretty obvious she was the type of girl who was not out to find love, but out to get laid.

One particular episode though rose a red flag when it came to Steve's observations. Arian got set up on a date with a gent and clearly went overboard with references to sucking &*&%$@, having big tits, and even went as far as rubbing the guys %$&* through his pants.

It was pretty trashy, and frankly I didn't disagree with Steve when he said behavior like that could lead to getting raped. Arian didn't want to hear that though and stormed off like creating a ruckus in the house.

This was not her last episode of destructive behavior though. She was set up on yet another date with another guy, with whom she got naked with in a bathtub.

This week though was her worst week yet, at least according to Steve and his mother. I personally thing Steve got his ego ripped on though, and this was why he sent Arian packing.

Some of the guests past exes were invited into the home, and others had their moms invited in instead.

I thought inviting the exes into the home was just straight up wrong. Natasha for instance made it a point to remove the guy whom VH1 invited into the home for a reason... and they for some reason thought it would be healthy to have him return. To be honest I didn't get it, it made no sense, and it was something that Natasha clearly could not handle. Hello VH1, they are exes for a reason!? Why invite an old wound into the mix?!

I thought it was especially messed up for them to bring Jacklyn's ex back into the mix, seeing that she is not dating Brock! Creating such drama and tension for someone like her was just stupid, and it was pretty obvious that she will likely go home and run right back into the exes arms. Yawn! Smooth! I also don't understand how Jacklyn could have gotten the best review at the end of the day! She was crying when the ex was brought into the mixer. Clearly it means she has more emotions locked up in that heart of hers when it comes to her ex than she claims. If she was REALLY over him, there would be no need for tears. No reason for tears. No reason for her to jump on Jody the way she did. To tell her she did the best that week was just lying to her, and to the audience. She was a frigging wreck; a psycho wreck even.

At any rate Arian did the worst because both her and her mother jumped down Steve's throat and questioned his way of doing things. Haha! It was pretty funny, pretty harsh, but whatever... they were just dishing him a dose of Tough Love. Touche!

Instead of dealing with the issue head on, he and his mother came to the conclusion that Arian was sooo messed up that helping her was a job that he couldn't do. Basically he was implying she needed therapy.

Yeah the girl may be a Nympho, but honestly I don't think suggesting that she needs mental help was really a very proper way of handling things; nor was throwing her out of the house. One of my favorite chiquittas Jessa also saw the whole thing as wrong.

Tough Love is one show I hope I don't see hit the waves again. It was too one sided, and exploited the hell out of these girls. I also know that likely it was edited to pieces to make Arian look worse than she was. I'm not defending her, but honestly, I'm sure that her rude behavior towards Steve was for good reasoning. We only saw tid bits of his advice, who knows what went on behind the scenes that were not added to the show.

This is not Rock of Love, or Flavor of Love... bringing exes back into these girls lives was not healthy for anyone, it only benefited us viewers who got to point and laugh at the situation they were rudely place into.

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