Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Charm School 3, Episode 2 Recap

Last night episode 2 of season 3's Charm School aired. It was a rather interesting episode, with a lot of drama, too much screaming, and out of control girls. Seriously ladies, this is not Girls Gone Wild! Learn to carry yourselves!

That's not a message to all of them though, thats a message to a select few that truly sickened me to the core.

You see, KiKi for some reason cannot stop arguing, yelling, and screaming at some of the other girls in Charm School. She seems to have a personal hate towards Bubbles who does absolutely nothing to her.

Anyhow, we start the episode off with the girls awaking from bed in the morning. Bubbles shares a room with Ki Ki. Bubbles wakes up and says something innocent. There was nothing aggressive or even remotely angry or rude in her tone. Basically she wakes up and makes a statement. It was not towards anyone, nor should it have bothered anyone. I don't even know what she said though, because KiKi jumps all over her and starts yelling like some psychotic time bomb.

Bubbles stands there looking confused, and frankly I'm just as confused. Why the hell is this beast yelling at her like this?

But it did not end there, KiKi has some sort of ringleader like quality, and before I know it, poor bubbles is being cornered by BayBayBay, Risky, and mostly KiKi. The yelling is so out of control that you cannot even hear what its about, why they are yelling, and why they ganged up on Bubbles like this like a pack of wild disgusting hungry Hyena.

BayBayBay was the last person I expected to see acting like this towards Bubbles. BayBayBay always seemed to have a thick skull on her shoulders. Smart, reasonable, and bright. Yet she displayed a lame quality of follow the leader. In this case, KiKi seems to be the leader.

Anyhow, the competition for the day is to have the girls clean out some garbage from an LA river. They are paired up in teams. The team that does the best will be safe from elimination (detention).

Before the girls even get to the river to clean it though, KiKi once again starts in with Bubbles. The yelling is once again so ridiculous and so out of control that the episode was actually getting to the point where I couldn't even watch it. The yelling was just so unnecessary, and ridiculous.

Anyhow, the girls clean out the river, and Farrah, BayBayBay and Bubbles are all safe from elimination.

Back to the Charm School Bus where KiKi begins moaning and complaining about being dirty, breaking fake nails, and how she is pissed that her team didn't win. Marcia starts in with her and tries explaining that what they did was a good thing, regardless of who wins or loses.

KiKi instead of seeing it that way once again starts up a gigantic uproar of yelling and screaming. I don't even know what the hell she is saying at this point because the high pitched frequency is just so annoying, and watching a grown woman yell like some hormonal teenager was just embarrassing.

Back at the house Brittany Starr seems to have managed to slip her way into the Real Chance of Love group of girls. In the house there seems to be a division of girls who were on Real Chance, and Rock of Love. Later on the host seems to imply it's a black on white thing. Which was just stupid.

At any rate, the division is based off of previous shows. Some girls coming from Rock of Love, and some from Real Chance.

Due to the fact that no one ever liked Brittany Starr (sock thief) on Rock Of Love, it only made sense that she would try to pair up with the girls from the other show. She needed acceptance, and she is pretty goddamn lame at how she tries to go about getting accepted (details later).

Anyhow, back at the house Ashley and Farrah decide to lock Brittany in the bathroom. They leave her in there for quite some time, so they decide to feed her hot dogs under the doors crack. KO eventually gets up and lets her out of the bathroom.

She decides to get even by placing a bunch of cookie crumbs and a plastic bug into Farrah's bed. Farrah confronts her, where a little verbal argument goes down. Brittany is sitting on her top bunk with a fire extinguisher pointed at Farrah. Farrah dares her to spray her. Brittany does not spray her, but keeps saying to go away.

Later on in the bathroom BayBayBay, and So Hood keep telling Brittany to tell the other girls to 'kiss her lack ass'.

Like a moron Brittany hollers off of the second story balcony down to Brittanya, Ashley, and Farrah to 'kiss her black ass'.

It was a really really pathetic moment fro Brittnay. It made her seem like an idiot who has no mind of her own, and does what people tell her to do. Also it looked pretty damn stupid considering she's the whitest chick I've ever seen.

Shortly after this Ricki calls some of the girls in one by one to her office to discuss what is going on in the house, why the girls are fighting.

Bubbles is actually afraid to mention KiKi's bullying due to the repercussions she may bring to her later on. KO whom is on the Real Chance clique also mentions that KiKi seems to be the ringleader in fights. Brittany goes on into a drama queen fit tears and all, saying how horrible Ashley is to her, how Ashley calls her fat. Ricki though is able to see past her dramatic ways, even though she is sad to hear that the other girls are calling Brittany fat.

Anyhow, down into a classroom the girls are all sitting at individual desks where they are asked to write down the names of the people they feel should be up for elimination.

KiKi naturally gets voted in, as well as Marcia, and Ashley.

I'm praying at this point that KiKi gets kicked to the curb; frankly the show would make more sense without all of the disruptive screaming.

While Ricki begins to talk to the girls up for elimination one on one, KiKi is the last to explain why she thinks she is in the box. She seems to be under the impression that the girls on Rock of Love just don't like her, and that she is soooo utterly confused as to why she is up for elimination. (WOW!? Seriously!?)

She also says she is confused about why the girls consider her a bully, and that she never bullied anyone. Next thing we know, Marcia raises her hand...KiKi starts in with her mouth yet again, making it look all the worse right in front of Ricki.

One of the other forgettables in the Real Chance clan then raises her hand and tells Ricki that all the other girls do is drink Tequila, and get drunk. Why she even went there was ridiculous and irrelevant to the actual issue at hand. Bright star, shine on.

Next thing we know, Farrah walks off, and refuses to be a part of Charm School if this is what it is about; Yelling, bullying, and such. Ashley follows behind, as well as Marcia.

Ricki goes upstairs to talk with the girls as they are packing to leave. She manages to talk them into staying where they come back downstairs to finish the elimination ceremony.

KiKi is kicked to the curb, righteously so.

However her being eliminated sparks a wave of anger, we watch as a few of the girls who played follow the leader with KiKi walk off.

This is where we leave off.

Next week we watch one of the girls from Real Chance (I believe So Hood) go completely insane due to the elimination of KiKi. Ugh... more ridiculous lameness.

At any rate, I hope that either Brittanya or Farrah takes home the win. Everyone else just seems to have major major anger issues that they really need to work on.

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