Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gamers Are Stating They Are Playing The Sims 3 Now! The Game Has Leaked On To The Internet For Download!

Gossip is spreading through the world wide web right now about a few torrent sites having the full finished version of The Sims 3 up for download.

EA has yet to comment on the leaked game, but those who have pirated an illegal copy of the game are confirming that yes, 100% the leak is real, and the game is working. Many of them have already bragged that they have been happily playing their illegal copies of the game that they have downloaded off of the Internet.

Being the curious person that I am, I tracked down numerous illegal copies of the game, and I can confirm that the download links are out there. I did not however download the game, because frankly I already paid for it pre-sale, and would rather much wait for my legal copy to get to me.

Many of those who have downloaded the pirated copy of the game are stating that EA deserved this because they toyed around with the release dates, which upset many of those who pre-ordered the game for its original release. The reason for the release date getting bumped back was because they wanted to market the game more.

I found it to be a shady tactic, but never did I expect to hear that the game had been posted on the Internet for people to steal it, nor did I expect to see so many people waving up a virtual middle finger as if to say ha-ha EA!

Spore was another EA game that managed to find its way to the Internet for download before its official release date. It's my opinion that EA should keep a closer eye on their employees, because honestly I cannot figure out for the life of me how the game could have landed on the Internet without some sort of exclusive employee interaction.

At any rate, the illegal copy that is surfacing on many torrent sites will likely cost EA hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

The illegal copies are advising that those who download the illegal version of the game to be sure to have a firewall to prevent the launcher and main game from going online. I guess this way you cannot get caught.

At any rate, I do not recommend anyone download anything claiming to be the real deal, not only is it illegal, but you could also be downloading a nice big fat virus which could mess your PC up so badly you won't even be able to play the game when it does come out.

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