Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hills, Season 5; Episode 8: Father of the Bride Recap Episode

So this week on season 5 of The Hills, we meet with Audrina who seems to be working on some sort of music video. A band member by the name of Sean (who looks like a young version of the lead singer in Smashing Pumpkins) seems to have an eye on Stephanie. He seems to know her before meeting her (I guess we missed how this meeting in the past occurred). While the music video is being produced, Stephanie rolls up to greet Audrina.

Shortly afterward the band meets up with Audrina and Stephanie to exchange hugs, where they also plan to meet up somewhere at a later date.

Next we move on to Heidi and Spencer in their house. Before Heidi dashes off to work, she lets Spencer know that her father is coming in to town. Not her step-dad, but her real dad. She fills Spencer in on how her father is by telling him that he is a real cowboy and that he carries a gun. Spencer seems nervous to meet her father because Heidi told him that her dad was not too happy with them eloping in Mexico without Spencer first getting her dads approval.

Over to last weeks drama when Kelly told Lauren to fire Stephanie by the end of the week. Apparently she didn't just tell her directly afterward like I thought she would.

Anyhow, Lauren and Brody are out for some lunch where Lauren fills Brody in about having to fire Stephanie. Lauren tells Brody that she is going to do it sometime today and just get it over with.

Jump back to Heidi and Spencer. They are out to lunch apparently waiting to meet with her dad. A cowboy looking fellow, with a big old fashioned mustache comes rolling in. I thought he was going to be really nasty, but Spencer in fact was able to get Heidi's dad to warm up to him.

After lunch Spencer and Heidi's dad are strolling along the boardwalk nearby the beach, where Spencer in fact asks Heidi's pop if it would be okay if he asked her to marry him. Heidi's dad does not seem bothered by it, and seems to be welcome to the idea, so long as he never breaks his daughters heart. It was a bit of a nice moment I must say, and it seemed to work out nicer than I thought it would.

Next we are back to Audrina and Stephanie. They are in some club with 2 of the band members (Sean being one of them). Now in my opinion I thought that Sean really liked Stephanie. They seem to hit it off rather well, and seem to be having a fairly nice time hanging out as a group. However when Audrina gets up to get a drink with the other band member, Sean and Stephanie are left alone where they exchange some words to get to know one another.

Sean asks Stephanie if Audrina is single, and then asks Stephanie what her deal was. Stephanie tells him she is sort of dating. He then tells Stephanie that he has a live in girlfriend back home. You can tell Stephanie is bothered by this, because she leans in and tells him he should watch his eyes, because he's a really big flirt (or something along that line). At any rate, as soon as Audrina comes back to the table, Stephanie whispers something into her ear about him having a girlfriend, and they both get up and leave. Stephanie is pretty grossed out that someone who has a live in girlfriend is out looking for a good time. She was not about to be his good time! Go Steph!!!

I'd seriously love to see the aftermath of this episode, when it comes to Sean and his live in gal pal, whom likely he's cheating on while on the road.

Anyhow, with that crap aside, let's move back on to Lauren. The scene starts up with Lauren working at her desk at People's Revolution. Stephanie walks in shortly and comes up with some excuse of there being a lot of traffic (I guess she was late)?

Lauren has her site down with her, where she breaks the news that Kelly wants her to fire her. Stephanie begins to bawl, and you cannot help but feel bad for her. It's an awkward position for Lauren, but she had to do what she was told to do by her boss.

Lauren hugs her, and tells her not to cry, and Stephanie walks out upset.

Apparently Stephanie called Heidi to help cheer her up. They meet up somewhere for lunch where Stephanie tells Heidi about Kelly having Lauren fire her. Stephanie then calls it Kelly's sick little game where she has some sort of power trip watching a friend fire a friend. She is a little worried though that it would somehow effect her friendship with Lauren.

Heidi tells her she is sorry that she had a week, and goes on to tell Stephanie about her dad being in town, and how tings seem to be going really well.

Fast forward to Lauren and Lo, who are at the house caught up in the weekly gossip. Lauren tells Lo about having to fire Stephanie, and how Stephanie cried; she feels really bad because she has never made anyone cry before. As usual Lo has one of those typical Lo remarks about Lauren having to do what she had to do. In a way I agree though. Steph should have just seen it coming. For me though Kelly did not really even give her a fair chance. She seemed to dislike her after their one on one interview, and she had apparently made up her mind on that one first impression. Oh well!

Now off to the carnival, or fair, or whatever they call it out in the hills. Spencer and Heidi are on a ferris wheel, where he proposes to Heidi with a big engagement ring and all. The moment would have been sweeter had we not seen this wedding crap going on in nearly every season. At this rate I just think fans are sick of it. Engaged, not engaged, engaged then married, but not married. Blah, I can't keep up.

The show ends pretty much there, with some sneak peeks into next weeks episode where Heidi is planning the wedding, and Spencer picks up the phone to dial LC to invite her to the wedding!

Not for nothing, it was a good move on his part. Lauren had always been about Spencer being a crappy person, and for once he did the right thing. By the look on her face though she seems to still hold on to that old grudge, which I think is just immature. At any rate, the rumor mill is that she attends, then leaves quickly afterward.

Anyhow, there are only 2 episodes left in The Hills, and the show will finally come to an end. No season 6. Sigh!

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