Friday, May 15, 2009

Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Season 2 Coming Soon To MTV!!!

I was not all too fond of the first season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, I was really glad that Brittany won! Although I didn't think Paris Hilton would be the best of friends to Brittany, I still was excited to see a genuine nice person win the competition.

To my surprise Paris Hilton's shallow little show is once again being resurrected for yet another season! Not for nothing but Paris is pretty damn boring without her sexy sidekick Nicole Richie. If MTV had any smarts they'd string in Nicole Richie for an episode or two.

Or better yet MTV should have instead made a quirky little show featuring Paris and Brittany after the original would have given fans the opportunity to once again embrace Paris Hilton in a more personal light, instead of another shallow, be my bestie, and take my abuse, competition.

At any rate guys and gals, whether you are looking forward to it or not, Paris Hilton's My BFF Season 2 will be premiering on MTV on June 2nd 2009, at 10pm. It was originally scheduled to premier on the 9th of June, but was bumped up a week!

The Sims 3 is also releasing on June 2nd, which is probably the most exciting thing happening on the 2nd.

Sorry Paris, I have a date with my virtual people that night, they're more real...and if they're not, I can at least kill them.

I'm sure fans of the original winner of season 1 are wondering what went wrong? If anything went wrong!? Miss Hilton looking to add a new face to her entourage?

-There was also a British BFF version of the show in 2009 in the UK! Who knew!? A Sam Hextall won that show!

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