Friday, May 22, 2009

Jason Wahler Called Spencer Pratt....

A Little Fagg*t!

Yep, TMZ reports that Spencer Pratt has finally spoken back against Wahlers little homophobic rant.

Not for nothing, I never cared all too much for Pratt, but seriously, Wahler has got to be the biggest has been reality TV has ever known. Why someone from TMZ would ever want to shove a camera into Wahlers face is surprising...

Whats more surprising though was what Jason Wahler had to say about Spencer. This wouldn't be the first time Wahler went off on a racist spat (anyone remember his arrest?! Yeah! Uhm-Ewww!!!)

You can check out a flattering (sarcasm) video at TMZ.

At any rate, I don't think Spencer has much to worry about. He's at least famous for being him. Wahler's only fame came while he dated Lauren Conrad. Since that ended, he pretty much ended. Hah!

At any rate, Pratt's reply was this:

"If I were to beat up every homophobic racist loser that challenged me to a fight - I wouldn't have time to be the most famous person in the world. I'll pray for Jason Wahler."

Hahaha! I love it!

.....But I still think Spencer looks like an EWOK!!! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing! Ewoks are cute, and this week, Spencer Pratt is cute.

Too bad Spencer isn't feeling froggy though, because I'm pretty sure he'd turn Wahler's face into a lovely mashed up pile of spaghetti sauce; like he did to that other dude on season 5 of The Hills! Hah!!!!

I would seriously watch non-stop a Spencer Pratt reality show, if it guaranteed we'd get to see him mess up Wahler's face in the seasons finale! HARHARHAR!!!

-My post also on AC.

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