Thursday, May 7, 2009

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 12 Sends Celia Packing! Recap!!!

Oh a sad day in the Americas Next Top Model Cycle 12 world! Celia was sent packing. Although she looked a little older than what I am used to being on the show, she still looked like Cory Feldman's sister, so I adored her.

Celia also had such a classical presence and personality that just listening to her talk was delightful to my soul.

Alas though, my dear Celia was sent packing.

Before getting into the reasoning behind her departure, let us fast forward to the beginning.

The remaining models in the house are of course Celia, Allison, Aminat and Teyona. It's getting very close to the finish line, and the girls emotional cry fests happen more and more as we draw closer to the end of the episode.

The girls are rushed to a challenge. The challenge is basically to learn how to do these little dance cha chas.
After learning the moves, they are quickly thrown into the actual challenge.

The challenge is to not look down at your feet while dancing with a male partner. Points would be deducted every time the models looked down at the ground. Whoever does the best will win $7,000 worth of jewelery.

Allison normally fumbles and looks a awkward, but she pulls off a cute quirky dance that is acceptable, and she also looked more relaxed than usual, and you could tell she had fun with it.

Celia does marvelously, she does not look down at her feet, she moves around, she looks confident, and she looks like she is having fun while she dances around and around with her partner.

Aminat doesn't do so bad either, and frankly I had no idea who would win this challenge, I did know though that it would either be Celia, or Aminat, because Teyona....well Teyona usually does well at every challenge, but this week she looked like an odd stuff fembot.

Before telling the girls who won though, she first picks off the pros and cons of their movements. Everyone gets fairly good feedback except for poor old Celia whom she first had to pick apart, call desperate and old...before announcing her the winner.

Celia chooses Allison, because naturally they are friendly with one another more so anyone else in the house.

What irked me about her choosing Allison was how the ugly old crone- whats er name? Paulina something... she looked shocked when Celia chose Allison, and frankly it pissed me off.

If Celia was not allowed to choose who she wanted to share her prize with, they may as well of set the challenge up for the winner and the runner up to get the prize...instead, Paulina has to gasp and say 'really!?' when Celia chooses Allison, which was just uncalled for, and immature.

At any rate, the prizes sucked as usual. Most of the clothing and jewelry these models win during challenges have always sucked. When you think of $7,000 in jewelry you think of a nice diamond ring, or a gorgeous diamond bracelet.

Instead Celia was presented with an ugly ghastly collection of earrings that looked like the fell from Madonnas big 80's closet. She was allowed to choose one pair out of the collection (which by the way all were the same shape- only the colors were different). Celia chose the onyx and ruby earrings.

Allison got to chose from a collection of necklaces that were just as hideous as Celia's earrings.

They said $7,000... but I'd like to see them try and get that value on a re-sale! Hah! Yech! I'd rather have a $7,000 shopping spree in the jewelry department at Claire's!

Anyhow shortly after winning the challenge the girls are woken from their slumbers to get hair and makeup done for their upcoming photo shoot. It's quite obvious by the hints in the Tyra Mail that the girls would be dressed up, and doused in makeup to look like birds.

I was right! Their hair was teased, and they were done up in unique odd costumes and makeup that included feathers.

The costumes were simply gorgeous, and I have to give mad props to the artists who pulled these looks together, because all of the girls looked fabulous!

They are brought to the photo shoot in the middle of the Brazilian jungles. As they are driving along the dirt path, they notice a jeep up ahead that is smoking and blocking the path. I knew immediately something stupid was going to happen... and sure enough, Tyra Banks pops out and begins yelling help, help! Her theatrical acting on the show should just be cut's bad. No offense, we love you Tyra, but what did the broken down smoking car have to do with anything?!

At any rate it is quite clear Tyra will be their photographer this episode, and sure enough she is.

The theme Tyra wants to portray is a mother bird protecting her eggs in a nest. Only there were no eggs in the nest.

The girls have to crouch into the nest and give it their all.

Allison is up first, and she actually manages to display that she is cool, confident, and ready to model. She impresses Tyra. After the shoot is over, Tyra goes to give her a hug, and Allison mutters to Tyra; 'you're pretty!'

Gosh it was funny, but so fitting to her quirky demeanor!

After Allison we have Aminat who did well, but she seemed to need more guidance than anyone else on the set that day.

Next up was Celia who pulls off lovely photo after photo. After Trya compliments her, she begins to slightly tear up, and Jay notices and asks her if she is crying. She claims she is just so happy. I think the poor girl is just sick and tired of these jerks calling her old!

Then we have Teyona who was loosing the daylight during her shoot. Instead of crouching down like the rest of the girls, Teyona is told to stand and hug a tree!? Tyra is praising her though, and immediately I sense Teyona will have the best photo of the week.

When it came to the judging room, Allison is called upon first. She looked rather tattered during panel...she always does. Like a little Allison in Wonderland rag wrong, yet so damn right at the same time.

The judges all adore her photo, and I must say she managed to surprise me yet again. She looked like a baby owl all sweet and innocent in her photo. I don't think she pulled off the protective mom bird vibe, but she did in fact pull of a lovely photo that had such a fairy like quality to it.

Next we have Celia who managed to bring out a strong photo due to her unique bone structure. The panel seems to like it. It's fresh! A compliment considering everyone had her on a death bed week after week.

Teyona whom I imagined would be praised was actually somewhat critiqued. It was an odd change of heart from Tyra, considering her praising her while on the shoot.

Aminat is praised slightly, and critiqued slightly. I really thought she would be going home because I thought the photo was horrendous.

I was really confused on who would be going home due to the neck and neck feedback they got from the judges. I imagined though that Allison would take the best picture of the week, and sure enough she did.

Teyona is also saved from elimination.

The bottom two are of course Celia, and Aminat. I was really anticipating them sending home Aminat, because she has consistently taken pretty sore looking pictures...yet week after week, they continue to pass her through the pearly doors of stardom.

And they did it again... they passed Aminat through and Celia is sent packing. Tyra basically tells her she's too damn old for modeling, and to instead persue fashion....without officially saying it using those exact words.

The remaining top 3 models are Allison, Aminat and Teyona.

I'm rooting for Allison, unfortunately we all know the girl cannot walk like a model, and if she is lucky enough to make it to the final 2 runway competition, we know she will fail miserably.

I want Allison to win, but I have a strong hunch the winner this cycle is going to be Teyona. The panel focused far too much positive attention on her, just like they did with horse faced Mckee last season.

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