Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New York Goes To Work Season Premiere Recap

I was not really anticipating the release of Vh1's New York Goes To Work. Frankly I think America has sort of grown tired of seeing her... and it is really sad to say that because at one time she was my all time top favorite reality star.

Perhaps it is the lame plot that would be going down in the series. In New York Goes To Work, fans pretty much get to vote on what jobs they would like to see Miss New York work.

If New York does well on the jobs she gets a nice fat $10,000 check at the end of the day.

Well hot dayum! Lucky son of a gun!

In the season premier New York was chosen to do the job of an exterminator.

She meets up with her new boss for the day, and is introduced to the other crew whom she will be working alongside for the day.

Her first job she is supposed to get rid of bees in someones shed. The scene is only about 4 minutes long, and it includes New York running a lot, and screaming a lot. At the end of the day though she does manage to get rid of the main hive, which totally looks like it was planted there! At any rate she did it.

Her next job will be to rid someones yard of a snake. Once again it is another case where it seems that the snake was placed there. As with the bees, New York runs around, screams, but at the end of the day, she does manage to capture the snake.

New York's next and final job for the day is to clear a crawl space underneath someones house. In the crawl space though there are dead rats. New York's job is to crawl under and remove the rats. However while she peeps her head in she clearly sees a rat that is still alive and scampering around.

New York runs, screams, and tries again. She unfortunately fails, and leaves one of the crew hanging under the crawl space in which she was supposed to stay by.

After all 3 jobs are complete, New York returns back to the boss where the crew evaluate her job. The boss though is the guy who says whether or not she gets the check, or if she gets nothing.

The crew comes to the conclusion that New York hesitated and made a scene at the bee job, but she did in fact complete it. Same with the job with removing the snake, she passes! The last job however she fails because she ran away and refused to remove the dead rats.

At the end of the day though New York walks off with a $10,000 check!!!

Not for nothing, the guys who worked that day along side New York were probably pretty pissed considering they walked away with a check likely not even close to what she walked away with.

As far as entertainment factors goes, I have a feeling future runs of the show will likely be the same. New York will have to take on jobs that fans voted her in for, and she will scream, run, pass some and fail some.

It's entertainment yes, but I have a hunch it will grow old pretty fast.

The one thing that bothers me the most though is what goes down after the show ends. A screen comes up with a number you can text in order to vote for New Yorks jobs she will take on next week.

For instance if you want to vote for her to work as a pig farmer, or a construction worker, you can text the number in to your phone to vote on which job you want to see her work.

The catch is, each text will cost you $1.00!!!


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