Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hills, Season 5, Episode 6 Recap...Playmates Bring the Drama

So last week we all watched as Audrina smiled a big girly smile when she came back into her hotel room which was being shared by LC, Lo, and Stephanie.

It turned out Audrina ended up bunking up with Brody. Now its never officially announced if the two boin boin boinked, but it looked a little obvious that something sexual happened, especially with that big freaky scary smile she had on her face.

At any rate, LC warns her that Brody's girlfriend Jayde is not going to be all too happy! Well duh!!!

So we fast forward to last nights episode titled Playmates Bring the Drama, which is of course, season 5, episode 6.

The show starts off with Lauren asking Audrina if she is going to be going to Frankie's (one of Brody's friends) BBQ, the conversation then drifts to Brody.

LC asks her is she has heard from him since Hawaii. Audrina says no, and LC fills her in that Jayde knows, and that Jayde is pissed.

I think she has a damn good reason to be pissed. It's not like Audrina didn't know Brody had a girlfriend, but at the same rate, if Brody was so in love with Jayde as he claims, he'd never of cheated on her.

Poor Jayde though, she should have dumped his grimy ass, because now she's the one looking like a fool on national television. Looking like she has no ego, and looking like her self esteem is shot to the bottom of the lowest septic tanks. Why on earth girl, would you stay with someone who messes around with other girls?

Anyhow, Audrina shows up to the BBQ and right away the tension is sky high. Brody is nervous, you can tell. Jayde begins spatting nonsense out the mouth on how she wants to punch her for showing up. The girl has more bark than bite. She talks a lot of game, but not once gets up to aggressively go at Audrina.

As the night goes on the two eventually have a face off. The playmate of course brings a posse of playmates to back her up. Ugh, how lame.
Anyhow, Brody tells the other girls to leave the two of them alone, and to let them talk together in a more personal level. The two sit, and Audrina tries explaining that nothing happened.

Jayde isn't buying it, acts all tough, huffs, puffs, and tells Audrina that she does not even want to look at her. She then storms off.

Ouch, Jayde once again looks like the idiot here. Holding on to a guy who has a wandering eye!? Frig that!

Anyhow, to make Jayde look even dumber, Brody goes and gives Audrina a hug goodbye. Jayde watches on like a wolf would its prey. She confronts him for hugging Audrina goodbye, once again making herself look like a foolish twit. Seriously girl... DUMP HIM!

Now lets movie on to Heidi vs Spencer

Heidi discovers a text message from Stacy on Spencer's phone. The message basically asks Spencer if he is going to come hang out at HWood (a club) .

If you have been following, Stacy is the jacked looking girl who Spencer was hitting on at some bar. She was the bar tender, and he was attempting to pick her up.

Heidi gets the message and tells Stephanie about it. They plan to go to the club to see if he shows up to meet with Stacy. Immediately Stacy notices Heidi, Stephanie, and Holly all sitting down nearby. Naturally Heidi would be easy to spot, seeing that wherever she rolls, so does the cameras.

Stacy confronts Heidi, and Heidi pretty much asks her why she keeps trying to date he boyfriend. Stacy of course has a bland boring egotistical answer on how 'there will always be other Stacy's, and that she's not the issue, Spencer is'.

Ugh, as much as I cannot tolerate Spencer's Gremlin like features, Stacy seems to be just like him. They even share the same Gremlin like features. Frankly they should just hook up, and have Gremlin pods together.

Anyhow after a short lame exchange of words, I couldn't help but get that de ja vu feeling of the whole scene being staged.

After this incident, Spencer and Heidi meet up in the couples counseling room where Heidi confronts Spencer on the whole text message. For the next few seconds you hear a stupid exchange of... 'Why were you looking through my phone?" ...and...'Why do you have shady text messages?"..."Why are you looking in my phone...."

Blah bla, back and forth boring.

Lets skip to Audrina vs Jayde round 2:

Audrina seems to follow Brody everywhere he goes. We fast forward to another event where Brody will be, and naturally so will Jayde. It seems like it's some sort of club, but I failed to catch the name.

At any rate, Audrina rolls up and plops her ass directly across from both Brody and Jayde. Yeah smooth move ex-lax.

Jayde once again is whispering to Brody and to her friends wondering why she is here, and how she wants her to leave. Audrina however feels she'll be okay because she knew Brody longer, and they are friends and he will have her back. Gosh, bright star!

Brody tells Jayde to tell Audrina to leave herself, and that he will not do it because she is his friend.

Jayde's friend instead gets up and tries to start some lame catty fight. Frankie breaks it up before it happens...but err...by the looks of it, nothing was going to happen. The friend sits back down on her romp, and then Audrina gets up and starts spatting at Jayde. The two yell back and forth... and that was that.

Audrina storms off and tells Stephanie that shes angry Brody didn't have her back. Well duh hunny!

Brody eventually wanders over, and gives some speech about letting it go... Audrina leaves, and confides in LC for some advice.

The scene skips over to Lauren meeting with Brody for lunch where the two discuss what happened. Lauren asks why he didn't back up his friend. He states he didn't know what to do. Lauren tells him he should call Audrina and apologize. He basically refuses, because it is all too fresh.

Overall, the episode was sky high with drama, but nothing really stood out as good drama. I wanted to see a slap, a kick, a punch... or something. But really there was a whole lot of nothing. The amusing part was basically how Audrina thought Brody would have her back...I don't know what parallel universe she was on that day, but the guy is dating Jayde... naturally he is gong to take his girlfriends side...even if he created this drama just as equally as Audrina had.

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