Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Hills, Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: Keep Your Enemies Closer

So we start off this weeks The Hills season 5, Episode 7: Keep Your Enemies Closer with Lauren, Lo and Audrina quickly discussing Lo's new job at Smashbox.

Audrina lets Lo know she worked for them 3 years ago, and that she really loved it, and that Lo will love working for them as well.

Next we fast forward to Lauren and Stephanie having lunch with one another. Lauren sees that Stephanie is wearing heels, and Stephanie lets her know she is trying to impress Kelly (the boss) with her professional appearance.

Stephanie then goes on and tells Lauren that she is sooooo stressed about work, and that she wants to stop stressing about it by going on a manhunt. She then fills Lauren in on this guy Robert that she has the hots for.

Lauren tells Stephanie that it is fine she is going on a manhunt, but she shouldn't NOT stress about work. Lauren is giving her the 'hey idiot snap out of it, and focus on work look', while Stephanie spaces out, and Lauren tries snapping her out of it. Stephanie apologizes and says 'sorry, she was thinking of Robert'.

Lately Stephanie is a real space cadet, and ever since getting the job with Lauren, she's gotten even more spacey!

Anyhow, lets move on to Heidi.

She and her pal Kimberly are out to lunch, and Heidi is stressing about having to get a new outfit, and her hair and nails done for some event they have been working on together (Oh my god! Pampering is so stressful!).

Heidi lets Kimberly know that Stacy sent her a text message to meet her at the bar where Stacy works. Heidi does not want to go, but Kimberly talks her in to going. She tells her to let Stacy know to stay out of her life, and to move on. Heidi agrees, and the scene cuts over to Lauren and Stephanie at work.

Lauren is steaming away at some clothes that they will be using for an upcoming event. Stephanie is naturally a goof ball and gets silver ink on her shirt. She repeats it about 3 times 'I got silver pen on me!'

After boo hoooing about the silver pen on her shirt, she then proceeds to ask Lauren about the event that is happening tomorrow. The event is for Smashbox, and Lauren is excited to be able to work with them, because low and behold, Lo works for them, which means Lauren will be able to spend a little time with Lo while working. Cool, but how convenient!

Before leaving though, Lauren tells Stephanie about the clothes and things she will need packed for her to bring to tomorrows show. Stephanie as usual spaces off, and her cell rings.

Instead of listening to Lauren, and the things that Lauren needs packed for tomorrow, she answers the phone. It's Robert!

Before leaving, Lauren reminds her one last time of the things she needs to do. Stephanie brushes it off by telling her, 'Okay, got it.' (You can tell though that she wasn't even paying attention!)

The scene cuts over to Audrinas job (yes, it seems like it is job day on The Hills this week). Audrina is working some opening for a band called The Script. She makes sure the lights are good, and promises the band that they have a great crowd for the opening of the concert. I'm not really sure what she did besides make sure the lighting was good.

At any rate her cell rings during the show, and she picks it up. It's Justin!!! Audrina tells him that she is at work and that she can't talk. She tells him that she will meet him tomorrow, and they can talk then.

Back to Heidi we see that she actually did go to meet with Stacy to tell her to back up out of her life. Stacy tries to be charming at first, and we can all tell she's being a snake. Heidi sees through it and the drama unfolds. Heidi calls Stacy a home-wrecker, and Stacy calls Heidi crazy.

Now normally I'm not on Heidi's side, but in this scene I was, because Stacy after all, was the one who initiated the meeting!

It was a decent scene, but the drama was flat. Heidi is so bad at acting like a bad ass, and Stacy, well...viewers are pretty convinced she was hired for the part. Yawn!!!

Back to Lauren and the Smashbox event.

Lauren greets Lo, and Lo notices that there are some pieces of clothing missing for the photo shoot! Lauren should have known she couldn't trust el' space-cadet!

Lauren calls Stephanie and asks her where she is. Stephanie tells her she is on her lunch break with Robert!!!

Lauren tells her that she was missing pieces for the Smashbox shoot because Stephanie apparently forgot (duh) to pack them! She asks her if she can go back to People's Revolution to pick up the missing pieces and to bring them to her.

Stephanie however does not want to budge from her lunch break and asks her if she can get someone else to bring them to her.

Instead of working out a plan, Lauren says 'No, I'll just figure it out on my own!" and hangs up on Stephanie mid sentence!

Uh oh...it's pretty obvious Stephanie will be fired for this!

Back to Audrina and Justin Bobby.

Audrina and Justin meet up at some bar or club. I'm not sure which. Audrina sits down with Justin and tells him its completely over, and she does not want to see him, does not want to talk with him... and she storms off into some dark alley where Justin follows.

I'm not quite sure what happened prior for Audrina to just go all out buckwild mode, but she did. They begin a stupid little argument on the sidewalk and Justin mentions the whole Brody sleep over thing, and Audrina walks off leaving Justin behind.


The next scene is Stephanie sitting outside at some eatery where Audrina walks up to her to share her story about how she told Justin it was over. Stephanie is less than convinced it is over between Audrina and Justin (wow, she pays attention too! She only seems to be a space cadet at work?). Audrina confirms it is over though, and that she's done with him. Stephanie also lets Audrina know about her piss poor job performance the day before.

Next scene we have Heidi walking into her home where Spencer is sitting on the couch playing with his phone. Yah yah... yawn.

Heidi tells him how she went down to the bar to meet with Stacy. Spencer flips out in some dramatastic little spiel, and they argue back and forth for a few hot seconds. There was nothing huge, or entertaining about this scene. It was pretty boring.

Last but not least, back to People's Revolution where Stephanie walks in and apologizes for not packing the clothes for the Smashbox shoot. Lauren is mad, and let's Stephanie know that it made her look bad, and that Kelly is going to want an explanation.

Stephanie tells Lauren that she will tell Kelly it was her fault. Lauren shakes her head no, and says it will be on her regardless.

Right after saying those words, Kelly walks in, and Stephanie looks freaked. Kelly walks over to where Stephanie and Lauren are, and Kelly says to Stephanie, 'You look happy!'... Stephanie doesn't really react, and Kelly finishes the line by saying 'I'm not!'

She then looks to Lauren and says 'Can I have a talk with you!' Stephanie than asks, 'Should I come too?'. The answer is no.

Lauren follows Kelly in to the room where Kelly asks what happened with the Smashbox shoot. Lauren is quick to pin the blame on Stephanie, which technically it was Steph's fault.

Kelly tells her that she has till the end of the week to fire Stephanie. Yerp! Lauren has to can her pal.

Lauren then comes back out to where Stephanie is. Stephanie asks if it was bad...and Lauren is left looking sad, yet does not tell Stephanie that Kelly told her to fire her, which I thought was weird.

The show ends there. Hopefully they play in Lauren firing Stephanie! Hehe, I just would like to see how it goes!

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