Friday, May 22, 2009

The New 90210 Season Finale Recap

It's prom night in West Beverly, and finally, finally the sweet, sweet volcano erupts. Turned out Naomi's sort of boyfriend Liam was right. We knew it would happen as viewers, but one never expected her to leave behind human roadkill!!!

Anyhow, the season finale starts back up at the same spot that we left off at last week. The prom.

Everyone is pretty pissed off at Annie, because they all believe she is the one who told her father that there would be an after prom party at Phoebe's house where booze would be. The rule was that if anyone was caught drinking they would be suspended from school.

Naomi starts the episode off by telling her sister Jen about Liam's past, about his mother and his wicked step dad. While Naomi is in the middle of her speech with her sister, Phoebe comes up to Naomi declaring that the party is ruined, and that there is nowhere to have one now. Naomi decides to throw the party at her house, which sends her overbearing sister over the edge.

Jen does not want a party though; seeing that Naomi is now aware of Jen being broke and that she herself paid for everything, she declares that it is her house, and that she is throwing a party, whether her sister likes it or not.

As a viewer we already know that Jen will get Naomi back for defying her, and Jen does in fact get her back, in the most evil twisted sister plot one could conjure up.

While on the way over to Naomi's house, she gets a text message that Adriana is in the hospital giving birth to the baby. Seeing that she cannot attend her own party Naomi asks Annie to watch over her house to make sure nothing gets broken, and to keep it clean while she is at the hospital.

At the house, Jen meets up with Naomi's beau Liam, and decides to pretend to be her sisters next door neighbor. She then tells him about all of the things Naomi has said to her about him. Liam is upset, and decides to cheat on Naomi. I guess his simple mind got so mad that she went and gabbed about his past, his revenge is to cheat. Wow. How pathetic.

The crappy thing though is that he is cheating with Zelda (the name Jen gave him when introducing herself), whom is actually Naomi's sister! Whoops!

Before getting into the big dramatic event that unfolds at the end of the finale. Let's cover Dixon and Silver.

Dixon is still moping around like a wounded little puppy due to Silver's speech about becoming prom queen. Ethan however seems to dig it, he seems to dig Silver. It's been pretty clear a few episodes back, but finally Dixon has taken notice to Ethan's googly eyes on Silver.

Instead of continuing on with his depressing mood, he eventually confronts Ethan about liking Silver. Silver gets out of the pool, and witnesses this stupid little spat where Dixon is trying to make Ethan say he likes Silver. He over and over again tells him to admit it, and Ethan denies it. Finally Ethan comes clean, and tells Silver he likes her. It was pretty gay, I must say. Who says 'I like you' anymore. Hah!

At any rate, they make a cuter couple than Dixon and Silver did anyway. Dixon should date...umm... wow, I'm suddenly realizing that the show is at a major loss of female main characters. They seriously need to introduce some more next season. How many times will Silver be passed back and forth to Dixon and Ethan!? New girls please!

Anyways, the next thing we know, Silver is in some dark alley or something (again) with Ethan. They end up exchanging some lame dialog and then they kiss!!! Oh boy!!! Here comes the Dixon Ethan drama for next season!

Back to Naomi....

When Naomi comes home from the hospital she finds Liam upstairs in her bedroom zipping up his pants. Jen however is nowhere to be found. When Naomi asks who 'she' was, Liam says 'she's gone'. Naomi looks down on the floor and sees a wrap that belongs to Annie.

We know where this is going don't we? Yep, Naomi thinks Annie did the deed with Liam.

She stomps downstairs to confront her. Annie is dumbfounded, and clueless as to why Naomi thinks she slept with Liam. (I mean come on, clearly her makeup is still in place, and hair looking flawless!) While Naomi is yelling at Annie, and Annie defending herself, some of the other students at the party chime in about hating Annie, how she is a little tattle tale, how no one wants her at the party. Someone even throws a drink in her face!

This is when the little volcano erupts...or...uhm...something like that?

Annie tries hard to get into the erupting volcano mode, only it's a pretty lame attempt at going into bitch mode. Annie yells 'Screw you, Screw all of you,' and walks out of Naomi's.

While walking out trying her best to look all hardcore, she picks up her cellphone and reports the party at Naomi's house to the police. While walking out to her car she grabs a bottle of Vodka and drives off.

While this is all going down, Jen comes out of the master bathroom and mentions 'her sister' being so dramatic or something like that. Liam is confused because he had no idea Jen was Naomi's sister, yadda, yadda yeee...

He is angry that he was used by her just so she could get revenge on her sister (how lame of him to even consider being 'used' as an excuse for his piss poor cheating behavior). Jen tells him that he would never tell though, because it would be far worse for him.

Later on while at home Liam tries to get hold of Naomi but gets her voice mail. Instead of coming clean in the voice mail about his bang bang buddy being her old fart sister Jen, he simply says that 'he needs to talk with her.'

Unfortunately he never gets the chance because daddy sent a team of boot camp officers to collect him for military school! I guess he won't ever get the chance to tell Naomi about him banging her sis.

Again though, I'm pretty sure he will eventually get to use the phone while there. I know not likely in the first month, but by month 2, I'm near positive he will have phone privileges, so honestly they can't hold this secret in for too long. He will eventually be able to phone Naomi and tell her about her wicked sister.

Anyways, back to Annie.

Annie is driving along, lah-la-la...likely drinking and driving of course, when suddenly she hits something! You don't know what she hits because frankly it didn't even look like the car was moving. However she notices a car in the rear view mirror and speeds off from the location.

Left behind you see something in the road. It looks like a human in a large trench coat or something. It could be anything though, but the impression left in the viewers mind is that it was a person.

Guess we will have to wait till next season to see how all of this will unfold, and of course correct itself.

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