Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel: The Best Way to Use It

Every year someone in my family gets sunburn. Whether it be me, a friend, a relative...someone is bound to get it. We're dumb, we go out to the beach on a hot sunny day and as we feel our skin begin to burn, we start frantically searching for sunblock. Opps! Turns out no one brought any.
This is usually how sunburns begin. The idiots who forget the sunblock. However because we are so 'dumb', and 'forgetful', we make sure we have relief after the fact. Figures right? Instead of having relief after the fact, the whole thing could of been avoided if we'd just remember to bring along the sunblock. But hey, human error, can't blame us. We just get excited, and ready to go, go, go and get into the water.
This year good ol' mom bought Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel. She put it in the fridge though instead of the medicine cabinet. She claimed that the gel would work better and feel nicer on the skin if it were left in a cool place. So since April we had this 4 ounce plastic bottle of gel in our fridge. We figured we'd never need it, but low and behold, someone got burnt. My brother.
He spent the day at the beach with his friend and came home looking like a lobster. Moaning and whining all the way home. He was applying regular lotion to his body when I remembered that we had that gel crap in the fridge. He squeezed out way more than he needed, and rubbed it all around his body.
The gel itself was sort of runny, so while he applied a lot of it drizzled to the floor. I guess he assumed that using more would bring more relief. It wasn't long after that he settled down and felt somewhat better. However about an hour later he was back at it again. Squeezing even more gel out of the tube. It seemed that he was up and at the gel every other hour.
It was not even 3 days and the entire tube was gone. He used it all. He got yelled at of course, because he of course didn't buy it, yet used it all. He's basically a grown man, and buying his own couldn't hurt. However, he'd rather use up other peoples things.
After he handed off an Abraham Lincoln to my mom so she could buy more. He basically gave her the money and said 'the crap only works for like an hour!'.
So there we have it. The crap works, but only for a short period of time.
Even after the fact though, my mom still went out and bought more. I watched her use it a few times after suntanning at the beach, and even I used it once. I though was not burnt, just slightly toasted. I used it to see if it would stop the tingly feeling left behind on my skin after spending the day in the sun. The gel did bring relief, but like my brother claimed; after an hour it was pretty much faded, and my slightly toasted skin was back to feeling hot and slightly itchy.
Would I recommend it?
Well even though it's relief only lasts an hour, I would recommend it. Most itch relief gels do nothing once they dry. At least Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel worked for an hour at a time, and even though the tube runs out fast, it is comforting, so yes, I would recommend it.
Where to buy it:
I'm not entirely sure where my mom picked this one up, but I have seen it myself at CVS and Eckerd's. The price varies anywhere from $3.00 to $5.00.
Other uses:
Minor scrapes, burns, rashes, poison ivy, poison oak, and works on mosquito bites even though the bottle does not state it does.
Best Use:
The bottle also does not tell you about it, but placing this bottle in the fridge brings the best and longest relief to the effected area! Oh yeah! Stick it in the fridge!

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