Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weird Unknown Holidays for the Month of May

In May we celebrate my birthday. I know this may not be something exciting for you to celebrate, but the 17th is dedicated to me! Hah!
Besides yours truly having a Birthday though, the entire month of May has a holiday to celebrate each day of the week. Thats right, a holiday every day!
So here it is, a list for each day in May with their following holiday; or in some cases Holidays.
May 1st we should all sit down and read a story from Mother Goose. Today is Mother Goose Day. It's a cute holiday for day care schools, and elementary schools to participate in. Not only is it Mother Goose Day on the 1st, but it is also Save The Rhino Day.
May 2nd is Fire Day. Today is a good day to plan fire escape routes with your families, perhaps make everyone aware of a meeting place during a fire, and educate small children who do not know much about fires. What causes fires, and of course to ALWAYS get OUT of the house. Sadly many younger children do not know what to do if a fire occurs, and some even hide under their beds or in closets! It's Fire Education Day! This should be taught as much and as often as possible! Dedicate the whole fay to it though on May 2nd!
On May 3rd we are to celebrate Lumpy Rug Day. I have no idea why, or who came up with this one, but God it's pathetic.
Gross, I don't know who likes candied orange peels, but for those of you who do, now is the time to celebrate, because on May 4th it is Candied Orange Peels Day.
Oh yum! May 5th is Hoagie Day! Why not have one for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yum! Stores should have a sale on hoagies this day! Hear me out would yah?
May 6th we can all drink as much as we want, whatever we want, and as often as we want; because today is Beverage Day!
On the 7th of May we have 3 scheduled holidays. The first being National Leg of Lamb Roast, followed by Tuba Day, and Paste Up Day. The whole day sounds lame to me. I'm a vegan so lamb is out of the question. I don't like loud annoying instruments, but I do like using paste when working with crafts....however I don't really have any intentions of worshiping paste today. Sorry!
Throw of your socks and shoes and grab a bottle of coke on May 8th. Perhaps curl up to the TV and watch some old cartoons, because today is No Socks Day, and Have a Coke Day.
On May 9th we are all to celebrate the sock you lost the day before; today is Lost Sock Memorial Day. How convenient!
God, I hate cleaning my room, but because May 10th is Clean Your Room Day, I may as well do it right?
On the 11th we can all toss out summer diets to the curb for today while curling up to the television to watch Twilight Zone, and eating whatever we want. That is because today is Eat Whatever You Want Day, and Twilight Zone Day.
The 12th of May is Limerick Day. So go write your 5 line poem, have fun doing it...maybe give it to a friend of lover when you are done.
Oddly enough, Leprechaun Day is celebrated on May 13th. You would think this one belongs in March, but...some wack-a-doo decided to stick it in May.
May 14th is Dance Like a Chicken Day. This one is self explanatory really. Have fun being looking like a moron.
May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day. Put your baking skills to use and make some chocolate chip cookies.
The 16th is dedicated to peace, and on this day you should wear purple, it's Wear Purple For Peace Day! No fighting today okay!
The 17th of May is my birthday, and oddly enough it is also Pack Rat Day. I'm a pack rat, so this suits me well.
On the 18th we all should do something some of us may not enjoy, visit the relatives. Today is National Visit The Relatives Day. Yay! It is also International Museum Day! So while your visiting them, why not stop by a local museum?
May 19th is Frog Jumping Jubilee Day. Some places actually participate in frog jumping contests on this day. Why not join in on the fun?
Strangely enough on Eliza Doolittle Day is supposed to be celebrated on May 20th.
On May 21st tip your waiter or waitress a bit more than you usually would, because today is National Waiter/Waitress Day.
On the 22nd you are to buy yourself a musical instrument. Perhaps you have had your eye on a particular guitar, or piano; well today would be the day to purchase it, because it is Buy Yourself An Instrument Day.
May 23rd is Penny Day. Embrace the penny! Hehe! Or bring them to coin star, whatever you prefer.
The 24th is National Escargot Day! I have no idea what this even is, but with a little research I discovered that it's a french cuisine...land snails. Yeah, they want you to eat snails today. Ew! I will so be passing!
On May 25th we are to celebrate National Tap Dance Day. I guess this is cool for tappers, but for me, this is one holiday I will be passing.
Time to dig into the closets for anything grey. Grey pants, grey shirts, grey whatever...because May 26th is Grey Day!
On the 27th some American's participate in the Festival Of Body Art Painting. This sounds like a lot of fun, but for those of you who live in communities where these types of festivals don't take place, why not make your own festival at home? Gather you and your kids and get crazy. Body painting is fun, all you need is a larger canvas, a few participants, some paint, and in no time you will have a personal work of art for your home. -Wait for the paint to dry first, of course.
May 28th is another holiday dedicated to hamburgers. I know there is a Hamburger Day in December as well...May also embraces the burger by celebrating Hamburger Day today.
May 29th is End Of The Middle Ages Day. That seems more like a statement to me than it does a holiday. Whatever.
May 30th is another statement, it's My Bucket's Got A Hole Day. What ever that means.
Time to make loosen the belt on May 31st, today is Macaroon Day! Oh yummy gooey goodness of fattening love. Eat all you can today! Regret it tomorrow!
That's it, all 31 daily holidays for the month of May. Some are lame, but some are worth a celebration, even if it's a small one.

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