Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hasbro's Tooth Tunes: Toothbrush Puts Music in Your Mouth, Not in Your Ears

When I first saw a commercial for 'tooth tunes' by Hasbro I was immediately drawn in. What a concept! A toothbrush that will play music through my teeth, and into my head. Uh huh!
Once I saw the commercial I also wondered how expensive this new tooth brush would be. $20, $30, maybe more? Once my mind started thinking about the ridiculous price, I realized it wasn't something I really needed. However on a recent trip to K-Bee Toys with my niece, I found the tooth tunes I knew I would want. It was one specially designed with Napoleon Dynamite in mind. It played the Canned Heat song from his famous dancing scene, and it also played some mini clips Napoleon Dynamite is famous for. I slid my $10 over to the clerk and made my way home with my new tooth tunes tooth brush.
The toothbrush itself was designed for a child's mouth, but I didn't care, I wanted to try it! Why should kids be the only ones to get all of the cool stuff!?
The toothbrush itself was packaged in a plastic seal, that almost landed me in the emergency room while trying to rip it open. Why companies still insist on making plastic packaging so heavy duty is beyond me? A simple box would have suited just fine, and would have been more Eco-friendly...but whatever. A warning to those buying this one, be careful when opening this packages, and try not to use a knife like I did.
The toothbrush was blue and had Napoleon's picture attached to the handle. Each tooth tune brush has a different song, and will also feature their face on the toothbrush. Colors of brushes will also vary.
The toothbrush itself is supposedly designed for children's hands, however it seemed large and bulky to me. I could see a child easily dropping this one numerous times while trying to hold on to the toothbrush. On the handle is a small button. If you press this button and hold the toothbrushes head down a bit, you can actually hear mumbles of music before even putting it into your mouth. I was a bit mad about this, I was thinking you'd only hear it while brushing! I felt like I had just bought a gimmick.
I read the box before using it, it mentions that music will play for approximately 2 minutes while brushing. This is how long you should be brushing you teeth, so when the music stops you know that it's time to stop brushing.
I then read the cool description. Its basically the same thing they mentioned on the commercials. The music travels through your teeth, through the jawbone, and to the inner ear. That's how you hear the music. Bah! I was hearing it even without brushing.
I placed some toothpaste on the brush, and began brushing. Keep in mind that you will hear muffles of nothing if you leave the water running while brushing; so turn it off!
I heard the music while I was brushing, but it was a very low tone sound. In order for me to really hear sound, I had to place the back of the tooth brushes head on my teeth. But who the hell brushes with the back of it? I cant brush with the plastic part! But this seems to be the only way to hear a good quality sound. Bummer. Not only that, but in order to hear the song at it's best, you can't move it around. So instead of making a toothbrush that plays music, they should have made a toothpick or tooth stick to place in your mouth for music. Not only that, but the tooth brush played the mini clips in the middle of the music. The interruption was annoying. I thought it would play things separately, but it didn't.
This whole musical toothbrush concept is a bust!
For those of you with spoiled kids screaming and moaning that the 'need' one, even after reading how lame this product is, you can also check out tunes from Hilary Duff, High School Musical, Beach Boys, Black Eyed Peas, YMCA, Kiss, Rocky theme song, and many many more.
You can read more, and check out all available songs at
You can pick up any tooth tune tooth brush for $10 or less. I have seen them at Toys'r'us, K-Bee Toys, and Walmart. I'm sure though that you can find them at any store in the bath product isles.
I'd seriously just avoid them. Although your kids may be driving you crazy over them, they are no better than a standard $2 toothbrush. Not only that but if your kid is attempting to hear the music best and places the plastic head of the toot brush on their teeth for too long, I could imagine chipping happening if they bite down on it too hard. I wouldn't recommend this waste of natural resources to anyone.

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