Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why Optimum Online Sucks

I thought when I made the change over from dial up to high speed cable internet access, I would love it. Don't get me wrong though, I did love it at first. I loved how I could sign on and not get booted if the wind would blow, or the phone rang. I loved how web pages would load up almost instantly, I loved how fast I could download videos and music. I was all about optimum, but things took a huge drastic change when I had an issue, and when my bill went from the introductory price of $29.99 to $45.99.
I figured I would keep optimum, even though the price was absolutely ridiculous and inflated, I figured it most likely is worth it, and that it's drab homepage would improve in due time. Only it never did, no matter how many times Optimum emails me saying to check out their 'new look'. I'm having a hard time figuring out what the hell is so new about it. However these stupid changes are the least of my issues, here are my 10 top reasons why I hate Optimum online.
1. Their email system just blows. I don't know how many times I have tried to sign on, only to have the web page to start blinking at the top of my page over, and over again. It's stuck. Great, it isn't doing diddly squat. These issues happened a LOT right before they introduced their 'new look'. It's almost as if they were using their customers service in vain. No it is not okay to cut off my email for 4 hours!
2. Their greed tactics. I was not interested in spending another $150 in creating a wireless network, so I called cable and asked them if they could just send me another modem for my brother to use in his room, that way we didn't have to constantly unplug and re-plug the one we had to share. I was basically, and rudely told, that if I wanted another modem, they would charge me an additional $45.00 a month! Would you believe that B.S!? Yet with dial up, I could plug in as many damn machines as I wanted without constantly plugging, and re-plugging. Pretty shady how they would charge another $45.00 a month! I already pay for the service in ONE home, why should I pay for the same service twice in the SAME home, does that make any sense!? I really, truly would LOVE optimum to email me, and answer this question.
3. Their hidden offers! We signed up over the phone, and pretty much got service, and a bill every month like anyone else. However after seeing a commercial, the very same day we placed our order Optimum was giving away a free wireless router, to anyone who signed up 'online'. This offer was not available if you signed up over the phone. Pretty messed up, you would think that they would want to please all of their customers, but they hide these offers so less people know about them. When we asked for a free router, we pretty much were told to take a hike. Man Optimum, I hated you at hello.
4. Their annoying phone calls asking us to go with triple play. We have cable TV, and optimum online, but we do not wish to have their phone service. We do not wish for triple play. We DO wish to keep things the way they are, without a phone call every single God damn day right as we start dinner asking us to upgrade our service! If we want an upgrade WE will call YOU. The non-stop calls are nearly forcing us to quit the cable service all together.
5. I hate that I don't have choices when I send an email. I must always send a black and white email, I must always have one font. I mean hell, Optimum charges their customers $45+ a month, and can't give us some green or blue colors in our emails. What gives?
6. Their lack of online customer support. Hah! I have been a member for quite some time now, and still figuring out how to contact someone online is close to impossible, and really a pain in the rear. There should be an easy to read CONTACT US link on the left side of the screen on their home page.
7. The lack of knowing how to 'change my password'. Optimum will email you to warn you to change your password periodically, but they forgot to tell it's customers how! It is obviously some deeply hidden link that I have yet to discover, no matter how many times I have gone link diving.
8. How they never, ever listen to what their customers want. They just add in these lame drab features without even asking what their people want. Pretty stupid business tactics if you ask me. I would have rather of had a fully customizable email system, not a stupid customized homepage.
9. Customizations disappear. That's right, Optimum has spent all this time creating a new look to the homepage, yet the new look, looks the same, and they give you options to customize what you see on this home page. However at least once a month everything you set to view will reset itself. Re-applying the customizations is just a waste of time, seeing how in due time they're going to vanish all over again.
10. Last but not least, is the way customer service treats you when you have an issue. When you call optimum online while you are having connectivity issues, they will tell you to call the manufacturer of your PC, and the manufacturer will tell you to call Optimum. I don't understand why they just won't take the time to actually HELP their PAYING customers get connected, instead of giving them the run around! God forbid you want to quit early, they will jack you up for an early termination fee!
There are my top 10 reasons on why I hate optimum online services. I wish they would give me some reasons to write a 'top 10 things I love about Optimum online', but they haven't, and honestly I don't think they are going to any time soon.

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