Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Groovin Gift Box: A Romantic Valentine's Day or Anniversary Gift Idea

Love is in the air...babe....I got you babe... Guys seem to sometimes have a hard time finding the perfect gift for their girlfriends, or wives when occasions such as Valentine's Day or their Anniversary spring up.
Guys should know though, that most girls (the good ones anyway) are not after expensive diamond necklaces and rings, some of us prefer simple things, cheap simple things, so long as their was thought put into it.
Heck I would rather have a poem written for me on Valentines Day, than I would a black velvet box holding an 'every kiss begins with Kay!' (diamond).
Seeing how my boyfriend seems to panic on these occasions and ends up buying me odd gifts such as ice cream makers, popcorn machines, and cotton candy makers, I figured I would write down the perfect gift...something I myself would love to receive.
This goes out to all of the guys, who are clueless on Valentines Day...this goes out to all the fellas who have an anniversary coming up.
I myself would love nothing more than a simple poem written by my boyfriend. However seeing how poetry is not his knack, I would even accept him copying poetry that reminds him of me, or us. If he would take this poem, and glue it to a hand cut out red heart and stuck it in a box.
No ordinary box though, a Groovin Gift Box. I just discovered these sweet boxes today, and wanted to share it with all of you out there.
This Groovin Gift Box plays Sonny and Cher's 'I Got You Babe', the moment the lid is removed.
Tell me how sweet it would be to sit down, read a poem that your hunny got for you or wrote for you in a box that played music as you read your poem? Really there is nothing sweeter. Why? Because it was so goddamn thoughtful, personal, and romantic. Such a small effortless gesture would mean the world, and trust me...any girl would love this (unless she's some gold digging monster).
Because the love of your life deserves a meaningful, thoughtful gift.
A little goes a long way. This is perfect for those of you who have significant others whom always state 'you never put any thought into it, when you buy me things'. or; 'It's the little things that count.'
Where to find the box:
You can pick up the Sonny and Cher 'I Got You Babe' gift box at The box comes in 3 different sizes from small to large. Really all you need is the small one. For those less crafty you can simply place the poem folded up in the box.
To order the box, you must call 727-210-6142.
By visiting the site you can view the box, which is swirls of lovely pink and red hearts. You may also click on the box right from the site to listen to the high quality of music it plays. They sing, they don't just play stupid little tunes; so it is pretty neat.
(For those of you with gold digging wives or girlfriends feel free to purchase the box and add an expensive diamond in it- although the romance factor will be sort of shot)

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