Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bus-Stop Etiquette: Respect Neighbors and Motorists

Fifteen years ago, bus stops for children were not an issue. Usually, bus stops were at the very end of the street. There was none of this "stop every 30 feet in front of someone's house" crap.
I walked to the end of the street...and 20 years before dad and mom walked 15 miles through the snow to get to school. (Or so they say) Things are different now, at least in my local area on Long Island. Bus stops take place in 3 to 4 different spots on just on street!
It has actually taken it's toll on my commute to work. In the summer I can get to work in 15 minutes, but in the fall when school starts back up again if I am not out of the house early I get stuck behind these buses. It can add an addition 15 minutes to my drive.
However it is not the buses I am particularly out to get...I mean they suck...but there is no avoiding them. I am here to discuss proper bus stop etiquette.
There are approximately 4 stops on my street alone. 1 stop at each end of the road, and 2 in the middle. One stop happens to take place right in front of my neighbors house.
It seems though, that they can never get their kids to shut the hell up. I mean I understand kids are loud and obnoxious, but what about the parents, they too add in to the noise, and they do not even bother to tell their kids to shut the hell up. Do they think because they have kids, and they are awake, that the world must be awake as well?!
My house is right next door, and on my rare occasions when I get a weekday off, I like to sleep in. It seems though that when I attempt this feat I am woken up to loud screams and fighting from kids outside my window. Not only that, but the parents too are chatting away...their voices echo...and once I am woken, I stay awake.
Is it too much to ask that people tone down their voices, and tame their wild out of control kids for the 10 minutes they wait outside!? A little common courtesy goes a long way...because believe me, I will get them back in the wee hours of the night, when their kids need to sleep. Tit for tat suckka!
Other bus stop behavior I find to be absurd. Down the road a block over on my way to work is the muffin crew. This is the rudest bunch of women I have ever run into. They all have these giant fat asses, and for some reason whenever they get together, they form a circle and go about the hen chatting, when the circle is formed, they look like they have just formed a huge muffin...thus the name the muffin crew.
However while they are in this circle, they allow their wild pack of kids to run in and out of the street. Every goddamn morning I am avoiding hitting one of them. These moms allow their kids to bring bikes to the bus stop; yet while they are in their hen clucking formation no one is keeping an eye on these kids.
Recently one kid dodged out in front of me, and I came so goddamn close to hitting him. Instead of yelling or watching her stupid kid, she yells at me to 'SLOW DOWN!'
Are you f'ing kidding me!? I was going 20 mph in a 30-mph zone. I could have been going 30, and most likely, if I was, I would have killed the kid. This pissed me off, and I actually stopped the car and told her off. I got an apology, but what the hell!?
Watch your kid when your at the bus stop with them! Don't make them someone else's problem, and don't bring their goddamn bikes to bus stops.
My next lesson in proper bus stop etiquette is to move when cars are coming. At the end of my road in particular there are about 9 kids, with 4 sets of parent. Making it a grand total of 17 bodies on any given day. I actually did a head count this morning.
Every morning on my way to work, the parents and children alike are all piled in the middle of the road. Instead of moving to the side and allowing cars to pass, they sort of block you. You have no choice but to slow down to a halt, as they slowly move their herd over a little.
They don't move over a safe distance though, they move over just enough for you to barely inch your way by. Every frigging morning I wonder who's toes or leg I'm going to squish.
My next lesson is to pick up after yourself!
Most bus stops take place in front of some poor victims home, and what pisses me off is when I see kids littering. Their parents are standing nearby and say nothing about it, as they allow paper of morning snack wrappers to blow into the person's yard. As if waking them up every morning isn't enough! You then go and litter! Man people like this are just the scum of the earth.
While I am at it I may as well mention KEEPING OFF OF THE GRASS!
While at a bus stop do not allow your kids to run onto someone else lawn! Do not allow them to pick flowers, or apples from a tree in someone else's yard! The bus stop takes place on the curb...not someone's front lawn.
My next tip is to AVOID holding up traffic while chatting with Aunt Peggy who is the bus driver!
A member of the muffin crew is famous for this. She will practically get on the bus laughing and chatting away with her bus driver friend, while everyone else waits 5 minutes for them to end the discussion to get traffic moving!
If your child is having an issue with someone on the bus, or with the actual driver... call the school and work things out. If your friend is the bus driver call her on the phone when she is off!
Consider those who have to GO TO WORK, and are STUCK behind the bus, that happily hangs the STOP sign out while you are chatting away for 5 minutes! Uch, you people make me sick.
I guess some of you whom do not practice using common sense and manners will actually find tips within this piece..those of you whom may be guilty for some of these events should be ashamed. Consider those around you. Consider the fact that some people may not like the screaming outside of their window, the trash you leave behind, your kids running through their yard. Consider it, because one day some crazy lady like myself may pay the same respects back to you, that you paid to her.

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