Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keeping Your Pets Cool in Hot Summer Months

People suffer from heat exhaustion, people have even died from it, and it would be ignorant to think that your pets are safe from such a tragedy. The reality is; thousands of pets die every year due to heat exhaustion.
I don't know how many times I have called the cops because I have seen careless owners leaving their pets in the car while they go shopping. A pet is equivalent to a helpless infant. Would you leave your infant in the car? The answer is NO! So don't do it to your pets either. Cars easily heat up and hit record highs within minutes.
You get hot in the summer time don't you? Well, so do your pets, and it would be cruel to ignore that fact.
I am going to provide tips on how to make sure your pet stays cool and healthy all summer long, and does not suffer from heat exhaustion or dehydration.
1. Never under any circumstances leave your pet in a car. Not even for a minute. Carry him or her in the store with you. If the shop owners have an issue with it, tie him up outside. Do not leave him there for more than a few minutes.
2. Brining your dog to the beach or ocean is always fun. The dog loves it, you love it. But your animal also runs the risk of dehydrating. Bring a container filled with water with you. They sell water bottles that fold out into drinking trays for really cheap. Buy one if you plan on brining your dog to the beach with you.
3. Bring ice when you take your dog out with you. Ice cubes can be rubbed on their body and skin for a quick cooling sensation they will enjoy.
4. Never leave your dog outside on extremely hot days. If you do be sure your dog has plenty, and I mean plenty of water and food handy. Also make sure it is in a shaded area. Honestly on hot days like this it is best to leave your dog inside. Why risk it?
5. Your pet enjoys walks, and as an owner, you too should enjoy taking them for walks. Do make sure you bring cold water, and ice cubes in the water.
6. On hot summer days you can also spritz your pet with a water spritzer. You can buy these in any local CVS, or pet store for a mere $7.
7. Cooling treats are also available in any local supermarket. Believe it or not these cooling treats are in the same location you'd find your ice cream. Thats right, ice cream for pets. Freeze them when you bring them home. These treats come in frozen Popsicle's of beef or chicken flavor, or as ice cream cups in beef, peanut butter or chicken flavor as well. The dog will enjoy them, while it also cools them off.
8. If it's hot out, spray him with the hose, or let him run through the sprinkler. It may sound mean, but the animal will enjoy it, and it will provide a good solid hour or so of cooling relief from the hot weather.
9. Take them swimming. Get them wet. If your going to the beach with your dog, don't just have them running around like maniacs, this could cause heat exhaustion.
10. If you notice fast beating breathing and panting, be sure to get them water immediately! Dogs sweat through their mouths and noses, excess panting causes drooling, which can equal to a loss of water in the body and fast.
11. If you notice any strange behavior, bring your animal to the vet as soon as possible! Don't sit around observing while your dog suffers.
Hey, cats get hot too. Follow the same procedures. Keep your cats indoors during the day. Make sure there is plenty of water in bowls around the home for your cat to come to when needed. Cats hate water, but don't be afraid to give em a good squirt with the hose on hot summer days.
While you are at it, you should also fill any bird baths. Yes Gods creatures get hot too, providing them a bathing and drinking area is good karma waiting to happen.
The key to making sure your pet is healthy all summer long, is to simply make sure there is plenty of water around, shading, and that they are kept cool. A few easy simple steps could save your animals life.

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