Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Throwing a Theme Party? Check Out Windy City Novelties

I love throwing parties, especially around the holidays. I found a website that can accommodate my every need, and felt it only fair to share with others.
Over at, they have something for every party. They got you covered from paper plates to pinatas according to the theme of your party.
Holidays though are not the only theme covered though, here at the site you can pick up everything you would need for a Bar Mitzvah, Hollywood party, Luau, Wester themed party, golf themed parties and so much more.
Ever want to throw a casino party? The cops may bust it up, but this site has you covered till then.
Or how about a sci fi themed party for those sci-fi geeks out there? With items such as alien inflatables, laser balls, mirror balls, glowing glasses, and more. Windy City has you covered.
What drew my attention to the site was that they had everything, even ideas that I never thought of.
There truly is something for everyone. Why not deck the house up in a Valentines theme for a special night with just you and your significant other. They've got the candles, rose petals, and everything else you would need to set up a fast and easy romantic atmosphere.
Halloween is also covered here on the site, they sell wall and window clings, best costume trophies, props, paper plates, candles and more. I'm a Halloween junkie, and even I was impressed with their selections. If you are looking to throw together a fast Halloween themed party then you truly do not have to look any further.
Wedding party items and favors can also be picked up in bulk here at the site. You can purchase small bottles of bubbles, in fancy white bottles or in champagne bottles. You may also pick up some really cheap veils and cute bachelor party favors.
Graduation theme parties are also covered, and the site offerers everything you could possibly need for the event. You can even have custom banners made up with the graduates name on it for only $9.95.
At the site you can also browse their selection of stationery, balloons, hats, noise makers, inflatables, stock banners, glowing items, outdoor decorations, and gags and joke items.
They also have a section devoted to summer vending. So if you, or someone you know has participated in selling items at fairs and carnivals then you must check out this section where they sell wholesale glow sticks, and other items designed for summer nights.
No matter what the theme of your party will have your back. Definitely check out the site to see what they have to offer. Halloween is right around the corner, and now would be the perfect time to take a visit to the site for all of your party needs.
Other Theme Party's that the site covers:
Elvis Presley party items.
Birthday parties.
Gay Pride parties
Rock and Roll theme party items
Fiesta parties
Safari theme parties
Pirate parties
American Idol them parties (What the heck!?)
Mardi Gras
Sports parties
St. Patrick's Day theme
Musical parties
Beach Party's
Baby shower themes
College party themes
60's theme party items

-Many of the items available are sold in bulk, which will save you a ton of money! Check it out! The site is easy to navigate and the layout on the main page is self see something that interests you, or a theme you may want? Then click it!

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