Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Going Commando is the Best Way to Go

I don't know why people go into such a hysterical psychological speech when you tell them you go commando. I have heard that going commando will give me a twiddle rash, give me yeast infections, and cause all types of yucky things down below.
But hey, I have been going commando since I was 11, and guess what...my twiddle is still there, I have not suffered from any rashes, nor have I ever gotten a yeast infection from going commando.
So seriously...all you no commando preachers can go scratch... I'm free and breathing while your butt sweats due to the hot fabric up your crack.
Why going commando is the best way to go:
Well first and foremost I save a fortune on underwear. I do own underwear, however not in the fashion like most women do though. Most women have a dresser draw dedicated solely to underwear! What a waste of space in your home! A whole drawer for underwear...don't you find that ridiculous!?
The average women must spend at least $100 or more a year just for new underwear. Me I save money, I'll put that $100 or more towards gas for my car or something.
Secondly, I don't get all bunched up. You will never catch me picking an embarrassing wedgie! My butt flys free in the air, I don't have to worry about wedgies and pantie lines.
Thirdly, I am comfortable. Wearing underwear makes me feel fatter, my clothes just fit better when its fabric to skin. I can't deal with that whole fabric to fabric to skin thing. Ech, too many layers makes my butt sweat!
Last but not least, I don't have to worry about picking up a pair of panties that some nasty STD carrying chick had just tried on in the changing room. No little panty protection bag is going to protect you from crabs or other nasty twiddle diseases.
-I know you are supposed to WASH panties after buying them...but how many people actually do....eww nasty! Not only that you may be touching a pair of panties where someone with Herpes may of tried them on. Get that nasty twiddle juice on your lips and ewww.. yeah. You get the point.
I don't even like touching underwear for this factor!
Now to all of you folks who want to leave rude comments by saying my pants must stink, I'm going to get a disease... I will already cover your comment by saying...
If you are going to go commando....wash your pants every day; or every other day; I've never had an issue.
Don't share your pants with people. Eww!
Tah dah!
Now for all of you bunched up guys and gals out there, feel free to go commando...even if it's for just a day. Feel the freedom...you're safe; trust me your twiddles and diddles are not going to fall off or get infected.

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