Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weird Holidays to Celebrate in July

We all know that July 4th is Independence Day, but many people are unaware that each day of the week in July, there is a holiday that they most likely do not know about.
From the 1st to the 31st, there is a holiday, and here is a list of the holidays that are not mentioned as often as say; Independence Day.
On July 1st it is Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day. This is a good time to clean out the freezer and mash leftover ice cream together to create a unique flavor. On the 1st it is also Build A Scarecrow Day. I feel this one should of been thrown in for October or November...but oddly enough here it is, in July.
July 2nd is Visitation Of The Virgin Mary Day. Keep staring at that Virgin Mary Garden statue, maybe she'll move!
On the 3rd you are to stay out of the sun on National Stay Out Of The Sun Day. It is also Compliment Your Mirror Day. Weird!
The 4th of July aside from being Independence Day, is also Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day. Yeah, paint that cruddy looking fence already! The neighbors will thank you. Today is also a day to Celebrate Country Music. So while you are painting your fence, watching the sky for fireworks, you should also be blasting country music. Sound fun?
July 5th is Workaholics Day. I'm confused, are we supposed to work, or celebrate the fact that we do work by taking the day off? I vote for taking the day off. Tee-hee!
Fry up some chicken on the 6th of July, because today is National Fried Chicken Day!
On July 7th we should all go out and treat ourselves to a strawberry sundae. It is Strawberry Sundae Day after all.
Oh yeah! On the 8th us video game junkies are given a free pass to sit and rot in front of the TV all day to play video games. Today is Video Game Day! I should get the day off for this one!
Another day goes to the oven on July 9th. Today is National Sugar Cookie Day...so bake away, and eat up!
July 10th is Clerihew Day. Um... cleriwhat!?
On July 11th we are to dedicate our time to cheering up the lonely. Sweet thoughts today people; because it is Cheer Up The Lonely Day. I always thought we were to cheer up the sad. Who said lonely people need cheering up? Whatever...
July 12th is National Pecan Pie Day. Some states actually have pecan pie contests on this day...but for those who don't live in a town that participates in this event, why not bake up your own pecan pie? Or go buy some, whatever you prefer.
The 13th of July is Fool's Paradise Day. I'm not sure what the hell you're supposed to do today, fool.
This one is not for everyone. On July 14th it's National Nude Day. I guess the pervert who thought this one up wanted to see a bunch of naked people. I do not recommend walking out of the house nude today if you plan on participating in this holiday. Nude communities feel free to boogie on down...but everyone else... keep your duds on.
On the 15th we are to respect Canada while eating tapioca pudding. Today is Respect Canada Day, and Tapioca Pudding Day.
July 16th: This holiday goes out to all you jugglers. Today is Juggler's Day. I actually know a juggler, so this holiday is pretty cool. I bet he is unaware of this holiday too!
I have never had peach ice cream, nor does the flavor even sound good; but on July 17th we are to celebrate Peach Ice Cream Day. Good luck finding that flavor though.
Ice cream and caviar does not sound like a good combination, but for some reason July 18th is dedicated to the two. It is National Ice Cream and Caviar Day. God, that just sounds sick.
July 19th is Flitch Day. Pass....yawn....
July 20th is Ugly Truck Contest Day. This is easy, look around the neighborhood for the ugliest truck. Once you spot it leave a blue ribbon on it, with a note as to why you left the ribbon.
The 21st is National Tug Of War Tournament Day. This should be a fun one, perhaps plan a BBQ and throw together a game of tug of war. Mud included!
July 22nd is Ratcatcher's Day. Umm...maybe...go catch a rat?
More ice cream!? I'm beginning to love July even more than before. The 23rd of July is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day!
July 24th is Amelia Earhart Day. Odds are a documentary will be on TV, why not sit down and learn something about her today?
July 25th is Threading The Needle Day. This just sounds lame, but if you want to feel special by participating, go and thread a frigging needle.
July 26th is All or Nothing Day. So today either be greedy and take it all, or be stupid and take none. Blah! Lame!
On the 27th you are to Take Your Pants For A Walk (Day). This sounds ridiculous seeing how you sort of take your pants for a walk everyday, if you think about it.
Yummy! A holiday dedicated to chocolate milk! The 28th of July is National Chocolate Milk Day. So drink up, and be merry.
The 29th of July is Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day. Is this the holiday where we wait for mold to grow on the cheese? I have no idea, but it sounds lame.
On July 30th we are due to celebrate Cheesecake Day. This should be a fattening and fun day!
July 31st is Parent's Day! Kids are supposed to be extra sweet this day, and worship mom and dad! Or be punished! Hehehe!
That's it. All of the Holidays for each and every day in July. Enjoy the month!

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