Thursday, July 31, 2014

What I Hate About You

For me HATE is not a strong word, and I'm clueless as to why so many feel it is, because I hate a lot, a lot.. lot lot, lot..... I'm not forgiving, and I don't forget.
So please no preaching about how I shouldn't be so negative (because there is PLENTY to be negative about- and since everyone else is SO POSITIVE -or so they say, I figured I should throw in some balance) Blah.. boggity.,, blah... .... Growllllll...Hooowwwlll....
Ol'righty then, here goes:
I Hate:
1. When people have such foul breath, yet insist on moving closer to you as you move away while they ramble about what they had for breakfast. (Wait I know, a log of poo right?!)
2. When someone cuts me off and nearly hits me, as they give ME the finger. (Wait who cut whom off here? I'd like to cut something off of yours buddy!)
3. The sl*t that ran a red light and crashed into my friends car and killed her (5mo. old) unborn baby. (Yeah 'people' why don't you think about others before you pump your foot on the gas pedal trying to dodge through while it's still yellow, once it turns red it's a little too late to slow down don't you think. Think of others- and not just your selfish self!
Yellow means SLOW down, not SPEED up. I hope that bi*ch rots in hell for the pain she's caused. And I hope dodging the red light for that cup off coffee at Sevs was worth it.
Dog! Go bark at the moon. I won't ever forgive you, and neither will my friend. Your 'apology' means nothing. It can't bring back what you've so carelessly taken.
4. I also hate it when people mistake me for an employee at local stores I happen to be shopping in. Just because I am wearing nice professional business attire does NOT mean you can tap me on the shoulder and ask me get you down that bird feeder you can't reach, or what isle you can find diapers down. Do you see a name tag on my boob? No! Pi$$ off.
Then I just LOVE when people ask me 'Where is the bathroom' so, I shrug, and they're so damn retarded they even ask me, 'well don't you work here' (Gee Einstein, do you honestly think I work here, and not know where the heck the bathrooms are! Here's your sign!)
5. I truly hate when I'm out shopping or running a household errand and a client who knows me by my work decides that since they can annoy me at my job place, that it MUST be okay to annoy me while I'm out running errands as well, on my damn day off!
(I have 2 days off in my busy work week! 2! That is 48 hours! 16 of which are spent sleeping. Another 3 of those hours are spent perhaps watching TV or diddly daddling on the computer. Another 2 hours showering, about 10 hours are so easily wasted trying to run around doing things I couldn't get done throughout the week. About 4 of those 48 hours spent cooking and eating. Another 5 hours is wasted away catering to those who decide to stop by the house unannounced. So basically I have about 10 hours of actual free time. Do these free loaders really think I would even want to waste so much as a minute of my free time on them!
*Look people, if you want to have a conversation with someone like me, while I'm OFF, I'm going to have to start charging you by the minute. I honestly don't care that you nearly ran out of gas while taking your dog to the vet, or that you have a strange sore growing inside of your mouth -And NO I DON'T WANT TO TAKE A LOOK! MMM-kay. Leave me be. Good day! Now let me get back to finishing up my 'chores'!
6. I hate when I'm driving behind someone and suddenly out of nowhere they hault to an almost complete stop at each road they pass. Not because there is a stop sign... but because they are looking for a certain street. They're lost. So instead of pulling over, they continue driving 10mph down the road while everyone else is stuck behind them. Nearly ramming into them every time they decide to stop. Sweet people.
(Seriously folks, if you're lost, and find yourself driving erratic, pull the hell over and let people pass you, and then continue being retarded when no one else is being affected by your complete and utter retartedness)
7. I hate when I see people who are walking their dog, and all of a sudden pull on the leash dragging the dog when the dog stops walking to take a dunk. (How the heck would you like to get dragged out of the pooper while your in the middle of it hanging out of your butt!?)
8. When I worked in fast food, I hated when complaining customers would come back in saying that we forgot their fries. Yet when I looked at the empty bag they were holding, I could clearly see the mob of grease at the bottom of the bag, where the fries once laid. (Come on dirt bag, just because we work in fast food, does NOT mean we have below average IQ's. And really only a bottom feeder would pull off such a pathetic stunt. SCRUB. Get a job- here's am application.)
9. I hate when I see half naked girls walking around in the dead of winter. These are the ones who get pneumonia and pass it around to those of us who actually 'bundle up' (Believe me ladies, you're only attracting potential rapists and perverts,- keep on, keeping on)
10. I hate when people solicit. They come into my office daily trying to get me to donate to some sort of unknown charity. Come on, yes I feel bad, and yes I wish I had the money to donate to your cause, whatever it may be- but just because I wear a suit, does not mean I have money dripping out of my pockets. It's hard enough this day and age to even fill my tank with gas to get to work everyday. I have bills to worry about, and most people these days, even with good paying jobs can barely afford themselves, let alone to feed their OWN kids. With huge mortgages, car payment, utilities, food, and for some they work just to afford daycare. I'm sorry, but seriously, if I can't afford to donate, please stop pushing it.
11. I'm also getting sick and tired of seeing kids no older than 5 riding around the streets on bicycles with absolutely no supervision. (Come on people, pick up the newspapers, there are children going missing everyday. A 4 year old riding alone on a bike outside is a prime target for kidnappers, and not to mention an extremely easy target. -It's almost like advertising, 'here is my kid, come and git' em')
12. Another thing I am getting sick and tired of is listening to housewives complain about how hard and depressing their life is. (Yes I guess relying on someone else to support you and the family is a hard and sad task. Oh, I feel so bad for you, you have to cook dinner, and clean! Awe and the kids were bad today. Poor thing! You have it so hard! Please! Be grateful you are fortunate enough to be able to stay home and raise your kids on your own than to have some babysitter or daycare center do it for you. And maybe take into consideration that your husband is out working his tail off while you get to reap the benefits. Yet so many of my stay at home friends complain that there hubby's don't satisfy them in the bedrooms the way they used to. Poor thing! Maybe because he's run down? Ever think of that one? He supports her unnecessary shoe shopping sprees, and the children's needs as well! Sheesh!)
13. I also hate when I see young children in stores beating on their mothers leg or stomachs because they didn't get their way, while the mother just sits there talking with the clerk and pays no mind to this awful act being done to them. I guess it is cool if you're raising a future boxer or UFC fighter. But allowing your kids to beat on you and doing nothing about it is insane!
14. I hate it when I'm out shopping and some extremely rude person nudges me over so they can get a closer look at the object I am standing before. It's rude, wait your damn turn! This is usually the same person that allows their 6 yr old to push the shopping carts into people's ankles while they're walking! Nice!
15. I hate that every single person who passes by my office window stops in to see if they can use my fax machine. If I am in a good mood I say yes, bad mood no.
However when I do give the approval they tell me that they are faxing to some foreign country! What the hell!? I mean damn I'm being nice here, but your just taking advantage of the situation. Go find a faxing place. Sorry!
16. I truly hate when I have no choice and I have to use a public bathroom to go wee. Then when I open the door to every stall the entire toilet is filled with either pee, or some other nasty body ooze, and who the hell has been shaving in here!? (Come on people, haven't you seen the episode of Tyra? You can't catch diseases on toilets. Sit the hell down and pee like a normal human being, don't yank at your private areas and leave hair all over the place, its disgusting! If you can't do that at least clean up after yourself you slob.)
And there you have it. There are many more hates I have. However we could be here all day. As Jerry Springer would say, 'take care of yourself, and each other'

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