Thursday, July 31, 2014

Haunted Dolls

After reading an article here on Associated Content about haunted dolls, I myself became intrigued to do some research on the phenomenon. My mom had this doll she would always say was haunted, and that when she was a child it would speak to her and cackle at times. An overactive mind, or perhaps some real phenomenon?
I though remember looking at it as a child and fearing and hating the doll all in one, well before my mom informed me she was a haunted doll. I was afraid of her, she was evil.
After reading the article online, I became interested in reading up on more haunted dolls. What I came across was horribly frightening, and interesting all the same. Of course the first doll that popped up was Robert the doll which is a well known haunted doll with a well known haunted history. However as many stories that surrounded this doll not a single site or video actually showed any proof that this doll was haunted. To me he looked like an old beat up rag doll, long past his expiration date.
The next site I visited took me to video footage of actual haunted dolls. While some of this footage was downright amazing, most video claims looked to staged and fake. However the few that did amaze me were simple ones where the doll would twitch its foot, or crank its head over slightly.
All of these videos can be found on by keyword haunted doll. You can view the staged ones where a doll looks as if she is sitting back. In reality, you can clearly tell the doll had old unsteady legs, and because she had been placed forward the way she was, she slowly slipped backward into the chair. It was obvious nothing phenomenal had taken place.
On if you key search haunted doll, you will come across a slew of dolls up for auction claiming that they are haunted. Some even provide video footage of their haunted dolls for sale, and some of these dolls even fetch phenomenal high prices.
Some sites will straight up just sell you a haunted doll, where others will only allow you to view photos of their haunted dolls. Here you can read the story about Annabelle.
Another interesting sites surrounding demon dolls, and the sale of these haunted dolls can be found here at Here you can view photos of potentially spiritually possessed dolls.
Here at you can read actual testimonials to those who have hands on occurrences with actual haunted dolls. You can also submit your own stories; if you have one.
Whether or not you believe in actual haunted dolls, and spirits that supposedly enter them, the fact of the matter is that some haunted dolls actually give off EVP (electronic voice phenomena).
If you have any haunted doll storied I would love to hear them. Feel free to leave a comment.

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