Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Criss Angel Gifts: Make it a MindFreak Holiday

I'm a huge fan of Criss Angel. Not only is he the mind freak, but he is a sexy one too. Fans of Criss Angel are spread far-and-wide. He touches the young and old, and I can guarantee anyone reading this is a fan or has a Criss Angel fan in their family.
Why not buy gifts this Christmas holiday for the Mindfreak fan? Why settle on stupid Wal-Mart gifts or lame tins of popcorn? Why not get someone something they would like for a change?
My nephew and I are both huge fans, but seeing how he is a child he is more into possessions than I am, so this year I plan on buying him a few Criss Angel Mindfreak things...but what should I settle on? There is so much!
Over at they are selling actual signed box sets of Criss Angel Mindfreak! Here I can also pick up replicas of his jewelery, I can get book marks, post cards, a t-shirt, and a poster. However I'm sort of limited here, and the only thing my 9 year old nephew would like is the bracelet with the official Angel logo.
Hmm...searching, searching, what else can I get for my little Mindfreak fan?
Over at, key word searching Criss Angel or Mindfreak I got a huge list of all types of Criss Angel merchandise. Here at the auction site you can pick up T-shirts, posters, DVD box sets of entire series, jewelery, earrings, and soooo much more. This is seriously the one stop spot for any Criss Angel fan.
However I have had such bad luck with ebay in my past, that I actually try and steer clear of purchasing off of the site.
So what other options does one have?
How about taking a trip over to the official Criss Angel Mindfreak Store that has recently opened up in the Luxor, in Vegas? Hehe, yeah we'd all love to take the trip...but for those of you whom are local, this is the perfect stop to pick up everything and anything involving Mindfreak...except for the actual Mindfreak himself...but hey, an appearance by him? You just never know!
Over at you can pick up books and videos on actual street magic you can preform yourself. Here at the site they also give helpful little tips on how to become a good street performer. Another really neat site for picking up magic tricks and books on how to perfect them is at
Surprisingly there are not to many websites out there that offer official Criss Angel merchandise. The official site which is the first link I provided seems to have the most items available on the internet as of now. I do hope that the Mindfreak expands his horizons and sells his products to actual local stores. Not many people can order online, and not many people have the option to hop a plan to go to his official store in Vegas. Sigh.
Anyhow, the little bit of sites available to you I have included. Other sites out there sell home made t-shirts and other junk products.
Any fan of Criss Angel is sure to find something at these available online stores. For those looking to buy for the Mindfreak fan, it seems that the A logo jewelery are a hit for young boys and girls alike.

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