Thursday, July 31, 2014

NIC-OUT, a Filter to Help You Quit Smoking: How Effective is it?

On my quest to quitting smoking I have come across numerous items, gums, patches, and switching from mediums to lights, thinking it would help. However I sort of enjoy smoking, and this is my main problem. I know, I'm horrible. But where some enjoy high fat cinnamon buns, and french fries, I enjoy my smoke and cup of coffee every morning.
However after 10 years of the same repeated pattern I noticed a wheezing in my breathing every morning, and a nasty cough that seemed to not go away. Phlegm galore, and it's not a pretty sight.
While browsing for Christmas presents this past year I came across a nifty little scientific site that had tons of gadgets . One little scientific gadget stuck right out for me. NIC-OUT.
For only $6.95 I could have 30 reusable filters to put on the end of my cigarette. I could not wait to try it, the products promised low tar with more taste if I used the filters. Once attached to the end of the cigarette every drag you take removes tar and nicotine helping you in your quest to quit smoking for good. The product also promised to improve my breathing. Just what I need!
I was honestly skeptical seeing how most products promising to help you quit smoke cost a miniature fortune, yet Nic-Out is only $6.95. Hmmm...
Once my package came in the mail, I immediately opened the box to inspect my filters. They were clear with a small yellow tar sucking contraption placed in between them. They looked cheap, and about 5 of the 30 filters were broken. So much for packed with care. The filer itself is about an inch long, but does not add much of a difference to the length of the cigarette once it is in the filters resting chamber.
The filter easily slid onto the end of my cigarette and held it snug. Even in harsh blowing winds, your cigarette is not going to fly away. I lit up and took my first drag.
Hmm... not bad... however in order to get a drag you must suck in a lot stronger, and you don't taste very much. The flavor is still there, but it has been divided in half. I however could handle it. I noticed though that the cigarette burned out a lot faster due to my larger and heavier inhales needed just to get some smoke into my lungs. (God, that sounded bad!)
With each drag I watched as the filter collected brown gunk all around the clear walls. It was a disgusting sight, and I was shocked to see what exactly had been entering my lungs all of these years.
You see the commercials, those awful commercials, but you never 'really' think too hard about it when you are a smoker, until that tar and sticky brown gunk is right in front of your face, with a hands on demonstration you have to it back and realize yes...cigarettes are worse than I thought.
Nic-Out is not 100% effective in making you quit smoking, but you will find yourself disgusted with yourself when you see whats left in the chamber after each cigarette. That may be enough to make a person want to quit smoking; or quit using the filters to try and deny it.
1. You get a close up view of exactly what kind of garbage is entering your lungs.
2. It eliminates some of the tar and nicotine
3. You can use the same filter for 4-5 cigarettes
4. Gives you a close up look at exactly what is going into your lungs.
1. The filters although eliminate some of the bad, does not eliminate all of the bad chemicals that still enter your lungs. 2. Because the filters remove 'some' nicotine, you find yourself craving more, and smoking more.
3. Is not an effective device for helping you quit.
4. Didn't help improve my breathing like the product promised.
I bought mine at Edmund's scientifics at just click the link to have a look for yourself. When ordering from this site expect your package in 2-3 days.
Nic-Out is great for eliminating a little bit of the tar and nicotine in your cigarette, but it will not be 100% effective in helping you quit smoking unless you have some really high will power.

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