Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shark Tooth Necklaces

The idea behind my shark tooth necklace is that it will serve me protection. Call me superstitious call me paranoid, but it is my belief that sharks are out to get me. I seriously cannot even step foot into a body of water; salt water, or fresh water, without the thought of a giant bull shark swimming along and ripping off an arm or a leg.
I don't hate sharks, I fear them. The phobia stems deep, and really the reasoning is that I have come in contact with sharks many times over the years while swimming. It is as if they are attracted to me, they sniff out my fear, and they seek me out.
A summer has not gone by where I have no seen a shark swimming right off of the coast. I have even spotted fins, when lifeguards were present who didn't even notice it.
Yep, they swam by just for me; that way when I yelled 'shark' everyone would look at me like I was crazy.
My boyfriend who surfs found my fears ridiculous when he first met me, but the more he brought me to the beach, the more sharks he would see himself. He was convinced I am the shark whisperer, I call them in, I draw them near, and I don't even have to be in water. This actually caused him to fear surfing. During good wave days he wanted to leave me home. Yep! He's just as superstitious and paranoid as me....but hell, hang out with me at the beach for the day, odds are you will see something amiss. Whether it be a shark fin or a school of blue fish waiting to nip off your toes. If I am there...the fish with sharp teeth are there. It never fails.
A few summers ago though my boyfriend picked me up a good luck charm. He told me that if I wore a shark tooth necklace it would scare the sharks away. As if I was 5 years old believing in good luck charms, or 'scare the sharks away' charms, I accepted my necklace with pride. I knew deep down though, that if a shark were to see a fellow sharks tooth hanging from my neck it would piss them off, and have them coming for me in schools.
I did though, wear my necklace every time I went to the beach. Not only was it cool, but it was pretty too, and I felt like a cool surfer chick beach babe when I wore it (even though I don't surf).
I must say though that when I do wear it my shark sightings are non-existent. Maybe it's just in my head, or I'm not looking hard enough, but it seems to work for me.
However I am not here to try and get you to buy a shark tooth necklace by lying to you and saying that wearing one will keep the sharks away. Odds are it won' guarantee it won't, but for those afraid of sharks, it's a comforting thought, no?
There are many styles of shark tooth necklaces. Some come with specific sharks teeth, in different sizes and shapes; these are the more expensive shark tooth necklaces though.
Stands shark tooth necklaces usually include a gold wire wrapped around a Mako's tooth. Some teeth come hanging from a standard black leather chord, where others are more detailed with bead work or professionally cut seashell beads to give the necklace that beachy themed look.
Some really nice ones come with gold or silver chains, with safety clasps.
Me though, I was given a basic sea shell beaded necklace with an inch long Mako tooth attached to it. My boyfriend actually picked the tooth up in Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, Long Island in the gift shop. Grand total $7.00.
Finding pre-made shark tooth necklaces online:
You can find shark tooth necklaces though on the internet much easier if you do not live anywhere nearby Atlantis. Heck, if you live in Florida or by the shores where sharks frequent, you can find a tooth and make your own necklace.
If neither of these are an option you can pick up shark tooth necklaces at They have a nice assortment of shark tooth necklaces for dirt cheap prices. At only $3.00 a necklace you can't not want one.
For neater looking necklaces check out These shark teeth come polished, and even have neat metal embellishments added to them.
Pricing is a wee bit higher, but the necklace is of higher quality.
Why you need one:
You don't really, but they sure as hell look neat around your neck at the beach. Not only that, if you are like me, you may find comfort in having one around your neck while swimming.

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