Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weird Holiday's to Celebrate in February

Ah, when we think of February we think of the month of love, the month of hearts and cupid, and all that sexy time stuff. It's the month of Valentines Day. The month where lovers show their love to one another.
However there is a holiday for those of you who don't have a lover to share Valentine's Day with. As a matter of fact there is a holiday each and every day of the week in the month of February. Who said being single in February sucks?
The first holiday in February we celebrate is Serpent Day. This bizarre holiday takes place on the 1st.
February 2nd is Purification Day, and on this lovely day we should all purify ourselves or something.
On the 3rd we are scheduled to celebrate Cordova Ice Worm Day, (worms that are found in icebergs). Alaska actually has an annual Ice Worm Festival that takes place on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
February 4th is Create A Vacuum Day. I don't know why, but it was thrown in on the 4th. I guess if you are handy like Jamie and Adam on the Mythbusters, this would be a fun 'holiday'. Other than that perhaps everyone else can celebrate this day by vacuuming the house?
February 5th is Disaster Day. Umm...perhaps I will stay inside today.
The 6th is Lame Duck Day.
February 7th is Charles Dickens Day. We actually celebrated this one in pre-school when I was a kid. The teacher would read a short cut down version of Moby Dick, and then we would color pictures of a whale. It was actually really fun. This is a neat holiday for teachers to celebrate with students.
On the 8th lets all head outside with our favorite kites. It is Kite Flying Day! Hopefully there is some wind today.
February 9th is Toothache Day. I'm not sure how they want us to celebrate this one, but perhaps it's a good day for teachers to bring awareness to children's teeth. Hand out tubes of paste, tooth brushes, and brochures to parents. Other than that, I have no clue how to go about celebrating tooth aches.
Hopefully we have rain on the 10th, otherwise everyone is going to look pretty ridiculous carrying around umbrellas on Umbrella Day.
On the 11th of February we are to all wear white t-shirts, and we are to not cry over spilt milk. I couldn't see why I'd cry over spilling milk on a white shirt though. The reason? Today is Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk Day, and Wear A White T-Shirt Day.
February 12th is National Plum Pudding Day. Ech, not my idea of a yummy holiday, but for those who love it, today is the day where you can have your pudding and eat it too...or something like that.
Another holiday where we can choose a different name for ourselves!? We had one of these a few months ago. Sheesh. On February 13th it is Give Yourself A Name Day.
The 14th is Ferris Wheel Day. Seeing how we don't really have fairs and carnivals in February, there is no possible way for me to celebrate. Those of you who do have one nearby, go ride it!
February 15th is National Gum Drop Day. I don't know...go eat lots of gum drops. Maybe learn how to make your own?
Uch, I so would want to pass on this holiday which occurs on February 16th, which is Do A Grouch A Favor Day.
Some states actually celebrate this bizarre holiday on the 17th. Champion Crab Races Day. 'On your marks, get set...crawl!'
February 18th is National Battery Day. These holidays just get dumber and dumber don't they? Anyhow, today would be a good day to go and buy batteries for those Christmas gifts you got in December that you never used because you didn't have batteries. Tee-hee! It's also a good day to recycle old used batteries!
On the 19th let's all pig out on chocolate mints. Dam they are good, and the supply should flow today because it is Chocolate Mint Day.
At noon on February 20th we are all to scream 'Hoodie Hoo', because it is Hoodie Hoo Day. The tradition is said that by saying Hoodie Hoo at noon we are chasing away winter, and welcoming spring.
On the 21st we should all dig into our bags and boxes of cards from relatives and friends, and read them. Today is Card Reading Day.
February 22nd is Be Humble Day. (May I ask why?)
On February 23rd the dogs finally get in on the fun. Today is National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. So Fido gets a ton of treats today, spoil him/her rotten today, feed em' till their fat!
February 24th is National Tortilla Chip Day. Sweet! Celebrate this holiday with a jar of salsa and salsa con queso!
The 25th is Pistol Patent Day. Honor Samuel Colt on this fine day. I don't know why, but do.
Another Pistachio Day! I hate pistachios! Oh well, I will have to deal, because on February 26th is is yet another Pistachio Day.
The 27th is International Polar Bear Day. This is a cute holiday to celebrate in schools, by reading a book, informing children about polar bears, and handing out sheets with pictures of the bear on it for kids to color. Also make children aware of the endangered animal.
Sweet, on February 28th I can go to work, and fall asleep at my desk in front of my co workers, because today is Sleep In Public Day!
The 29th of February is Surf and Turf Day.
There you have it, a bizarre holiday to celebrate each day in February. Although some of the holidays sort of lack, you can manage to celebrate a few right?

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