Thursday, July 31, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Pets: A Website Review

Cute things make my heart melt. Whether it be a scrapbook page of someones baby, or a cuddly kitten, I love seeing cute things. Even for a moment if something catches my eye that is cute, it is as if all worries disappear and all I focus on is the cute object I am seeing. A lot of things have been going on that brought on a lot of stress this month, and while in the toy section in Target I saw the cutest little thing I ever did see. It was a Littlest Pet Shop pet. A Chihuahua. It reminded me of the little girl we just lost, and seeing this 1.5 inch bobble head to smiling back at me in it's plastic pen, I knew I had to have her.
I had no use for this little plastic toy to be honest, but I knew that having her on my desk at work would bring a smile to my face, and perhaps cheer up a gloomy and depressing day, and sure enough, she did.
As time went on, I wanted more. I knew though that my boss would not appreciate walking into the room seeing my entire desk covered in these adorable little animals. So collecting them became a slow and secret passion. I was buying them at K-Bee toys, Walmart, and anywhere else I could find a new cutie pah-tootie to add to my collection.
I wondered though just how many Littlest Pet Shop Pets there were to collect, so I turned to the world wide web. I logged on to their site at and made my way to the Littlest Pet Shop pets, where I could sign up for free, and view every single pet that is available. Not only that, but on the site I could also click which animals I have, and which ones I wanted.
I know that sounds so childish, but let me tell you, even at my 25 year old age, I was having fun viewing and checking off all of the little animals that I own. What was best though was seeing just how many more I had to buy, there were little pet shop animals that I didn't even know existed!
The website also will update when a new animal is added in the 'new pets' section. On the site you can also browse for animals by looking under search by pet, or search by series.
Series pets include aquarium friends, to winter time pals. Each pet also has a unique number, so you know which pet you have. If you know your pets number it is easy to find him on the site.
What I like about these little toys is that they are for one, adorable. But mostly it feeds into my collecting hoarding type behavior, and I have a new hobby. I am sure that in the future a hobby like this could only pay off, as this trend grows even more popular, and certain pets gain popularity and are worth a lot more than what I originally paid.
I figured I would add in some of the pets that are included in the websites pages, but why waste your time when you could log right on to the site and get a full paged description with pictures of each and every pet. You can also purchase pets on the site, however the ones available are limited only to the online catalog, and most of the ones you see on the entire site are not available to purchase on the site.
On the site you can also play games that involve littlest pet shop pets. You can also download wallpaper for your desktop, you can also play demos of the digital pets on the site, and watch videos regarding the Littlest Pet Shop play sets.
All in all the site provides a few good hours of fun for kids, and adults alike. Who would have thought?
*Pets range anywhere from $3.99 to $20.00 for larger sets.

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