Thursday, July 31, 2014

Never Ever Open an Account at Mandee's Stores Nationwide

I used to love shopping at Mandee's. I loved their cute, professional, yet sexy clothing, I loved their cheap yet classy looking jewelry, their shoes, their purses, and their home items.
Mandee's is an all girl dream, and it wasn't unusual for me to be spending big dollars every time I went in to 'browse'. However whenever the saleswoman would ask me if I wanted to open up a Mandee's account I would always say now, but on one of my trips the offer sounded too good to be true. I could save 30% on my entire order if I opened up an account.
I sat in line holding it up, and wondered why the girl hadn't just helped people behind me, instead she sat watching me as I rushed to fill out and complete my form. She told me she would be right back, and I listened as customers behind me moaned in agony as they waited for me. Whoopsie daisy!
10 minutes later the girl came back with my new temporary card, and went into an explanation on how to use it, yadda yadda, as if I were retarded. Finally, when I went to pay she told me I could not use cash, that I had to pay my whole order on the card in order to get the 30% discount.
Oh, I felt pissed now. She failed to mention this before! I let her use my temp card as she finally rang me up. $350 even after the savings. Gulp*. I didn't like having that much on a card in one time. I felt duped, I had the money, yet the SOB would not take it.
I waited for my permanent Mandee's credit card for weeks, and finally 2 months went by, and I got a late payment fee. My $350 order had now gone up to $360 because of the $10 fee. Great, now this would effect my credit score! I was pissed, and got on the phone with the dirt bags, and asked them why I had a late fee seeing how this was the first bill I had ever received, then I asked her why I have yet to receive my permanent card!
Bimbo tells me they sent it out about a month ago. I told her I have yet to receive it and asked where they had set it. Turns out they sent it to house number 62, while I am house number 66. Figures. Next I hear panic in the girls voice, as she tells me that they will re-issue me a new account number in case someone has used my card. HAH! In case!
I then told her to drop the $10.00 fee, because it was obviously house number 62 got my bill the month before. She nicely tells me the $10.00 fee is being dropped, but if it happens again I will have to pay the fine.
HAH! You mean if Mandee's sends the bill elsewhere, I will be in charge of paying the fee for their mistake. Gotta love it!
I paid some of the bill, but not the whole $350. I should have just paid the whole thing because the next month my interest rate was almost into the 25% illegal ball zone. 24.999 dah dah dah percent. Lovely!
Basically what I had paid the month before was just interest!The bill was now higher than it originally was, and it turned my stomach because I had no money this month.
I paid them around $60.00 and hoped it made some sort of dent.
I'm not a type of person to count the days till my next bill, and before I had known it a Mandee's bill had come in the mail, only it felt like it had been quite some time since I had last paid. Yup! Sure enough, they sent me this bill 2 months later and once again, I had incurred another late fee compliments of them skipping a month again.
What was going on!? Why were they sending me a bill every other month? Was this company seriously trying to collect a late fee, because that is the way it seemed? Once again I got on the phone and had it out with another bimbo over the phone. This time there was no getting out of it. For some reason it was my fault, and I should have known when my bill was due!
I said screw it and paid the remaining balance. My credit score would take a major drop if I didn't rid myself of these people fast.
I happily took my Mandee's card and cut it into tiny little cubes and threw it in the trash. Never ever again!
However as time went on, in the mail came something from Mandee's. What could it be, a deal of a lifetime to use my card and save money? Or perhaps some coupons that only would be effective if I used my card.
Haha! Nope, it was a Goddamn bill! Were they kidding me!? I had paid the entire bill off. Yet here I held a bill for 5 cents!
I got on the phone and Mrs. so and so tried telling me that they had miss-calculated my bill and that 5 cents was what was left on it. I told her that I was appalled by their sick devious practice. They knew I wasn't paying the 5 cents, and they knew if I didn't that they could keep adding late fee after late fee. I threatened to call the BBB and after that I was told they would delete the 5 cent fee.
Damn straight you will. I hung up.
Luckily I had the money at the time to just rid myself of the bill in a short amount of time, but I have heard absolute horror stories involving Mandee's credit accounts.
For one, if you are only paying the minimum, most likely your only paying monthly interest rates and the bill is going nowhere. This company also makes it a point to only send you a bill once every other month so that way your account gets a late fee plopped onto it.
I can see how young girls could easily get sucked into opening an account with this shady company, it all sounds too good to be true, and that is because it is.
Seriously young ladies, decline the Mandee's account if you plan on buying a home one day. My mortgage broker I had used told me that he has had to decline loans for homes because of companies like this. Is that dress or pair of shoes worth drowning yourself into debt? I don't think so.
I will not even shop at Mandee's aymore after dealing with this.

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