Thursday, July 31, 2014

Haunted Restaurant: The Country House Restaurant in Stony Brook, Long Island

Everyone loves Halloween, except for those who don't celebrate it. However you do not have to celebrate Halloween in order to sit down to some fine dining in a haunted restaurant.
According to multiple witnesses, and many in the community, The Country House Restaurant (built in 1710) is haunted. People have seen dish rags floating throughout the kitchen, someone even had a glass of wine thrown in her face...only no one was holding the glass.
Supposedly this mischievous ghost is the ghost of Annette Wilson, who's grave is located somewhere on the actual property.
I have eaten here once, and I have never had any paranormal activities occur during my stay. I did go though in all hopes that something odd would happen. I even went into the bathroom expecting that Annette would perhaps single me out and do something. However, I got nothing. The bathroom was clean though, I give it that.
As a matter of fact the whole entire restaurant is clean. They have a scrumptious Lunch and Dinner menu on their official site for you to check it out before you take the ride down.
I had the baked sliced chicken on white pasta. It was fresh, delicious, and was at our table fast. Our waiter was friendly and stopped at our table often to see if we needed anything else. Before Dinner we were given the usual basket of fresh breads and our drinks, which I enjoyed.
The dining room was set up into a wedding like theme when we arrived, the chairs are white, the tables, the walls, and they even have indoor pillars that really make things look romantic and elegant.
The Country House Restaurant also allows for you to throw baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, and party's here if you call in advance. The grounds are well manicured, and they even have an arch in the back for weddings. I must say that that everything is as pretty as it can get, and is a sure pleaser for anyone wishing to throw their party here. Plus, who knows, you or one of your guests may even get a ghostly encounter with Annette Wilson. Yah never know!
Sadly though I was not after a good meal, nice decorations or fine service, I was after ghosts!
My one time visit proved to be nothing more than good food, decent prices, and a nice staff. For those of you looking for a nice elegant dinner or lunch this would be the spot to stop. For those looking for an encounter with a ghost, you may not be so lucky. However if you visit often, you just never know.
When first viewing the restaurant you can clearly tell that something lurks within its walls, however when we went in for a visit, it was hiding I suppose.
Visit for a virtual tour, directions, and for their lunch and dinner menus.
The Country House Restaurant is located on Long Island, Stony Brook, 25a Main Street. Call for wedding partys or to make reservations (631) 751-3332

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