Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Experience with a Ghost Car

I've heard all kinds of ghost stories in my time. I live for them really, nothing better than a good ghost story around a summer campfire. I've heard of evil ghosts, friendly ghosts, playful ghosts...ghost ships and everything else ghost related. However I myself seem to experience one odd phenomena that isn't really mentioned as often. Phantom cars, or ghost cars.
I have this odd experience almost once every 3 months. I always figured that these ghost cars were just my imagination, that the cars that were behind me 2 seconds ago disappeared down a turn really, really fast. I always scratched it off and figured that, that was most likely what had happened.
However my coolest, and most frightening ghost car story occurred 2 nights ago while driving down a stretch of road that had NO turns.
My Story:
I was driving down a dark secluded area not to far from my home. I particularly hate this road only because it is the only road on Long Island that does not have any street lights, nor does it have any side roads to go down. It is one complete stretch, one straight line till you hit some residential areas.
The road stretches for nearly 15-20 miles, and there is not a house or light in sight. This particular road in my teen past has become a hot spot for games of dare (like my stupid cousin who was dared to spend just an hour down the road alone for $100.00). She was dumped off, and seriously got so scared that she ended up calling me on the cell to pick her up early. She failed the dare, and SWORE she heard someone walking in the woods and that was why she needed to bail.
The road is so dark that without any form of light you cannot see your hand in front of your face when you place it directly in front of your eyes. So your imagination can easily begin to play tricks on you when you are out there alone without any form of light.
Anyhow....there is the road history, and why I myself hate the road. I always fear breaking down here, and having to walk to the nearest gas station in the pitch dark.
The other night though I had a terrifying experience on the road, and experience that has happened all too many times before...only this time there was no rhyme or reason to it...leaving me to believe I had in fact witnessed a ghost car.
I was driving down the road, and noticed 2 headlights heading up onto my tail feather at a very fast speed. Because I am a girl, and because I was the only one in the car, and because I was ALONE...my heart began to race.
I had always heard these terrifying stories about rapists bumping cars of women down dark roads just to get them to pull over. I feared that this was what was going to happen, or that this speed demon would simply pass by me. I hoped so anyway.
As soon as the car got nearer and the headlights began to blind me I began to speed up. I looked back and the car was still following, however it was not tailgating like before.
Then like a scene from a movie, the lights were gone. As if something from space just swooped it up and sucked it into the mother ship. The car had vanished?
Nothing, Nada, gone...
The car could not of just stopped while driving, the car did not break down, the car was not on the side of the road. The car was gone.
Because I had experienced similar events before, I could not let this one sit. I could not continue driving without at least checking to see if the car was truly gone, or if it had just pulled over onto the side of the road.
I had no intentions at all to turn around and seek the car out...besides there could be a killer or something lurking in the woods!
I did however bang a U, and shine my high beams. I wasn't going crazy, the car was in fact gone. As if it had never been there, as if I had imagined the whole thing.
I know though I did not. I am a sane person. I had experienced an actual ghost car. There is NO other explanation, and believe me, I am always looking for explanations...this though had none.
After experiencing this odd phenomenon I decided to come online to research more cases of ghost cars. It turns out I am not the only one in the world to have experienced this odd unusual event...however it is not spoken of as much as say ghost ships, or demons. As a matter of fact finding information on the ghost car phenomenon is very limited.
As of now the only strange ghost car phenomena I was able to find was a video on You Tue about a ghost car police chase. After viewing the footage though, I was not very impressed.
You can check out the video at www.youtube.com by key using key words 'ghost car'.
If you have ever had similar odd ghost car experiences please share them in my comment section. I would love to hear your stories.

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