Thursday, July 31, 2014

Harry Potter Parties, Freebies, Facts and Contests!

Harry Potter fans stretch out all across the world. I myself am a huge fan, but going to world wide Harry Potter events are so far out of my budget that I could not even consider it.
However Harry Potter, like I said is everywhere. We on Long Island have our very own Harry Potter meeting group. Yep, thats right, anyone can join, and it is absolutely free.
Basically this group gets together and will discuss everything from the movie to the actual actors. It gives people a chance to meet up with other fans of the book and movie. The group has their meetings set up in Hicksville, New York, the site gives information on new members, and new meetings and events. For more information on this group, and to sign up simply visit
That's not all though, Harry Potter fans can join a Harry Potter Party to celebrate the premier of the movie. All you have to is visit There are over 5,000 Potter parties . You can search for them on the site by simply adding your city and state to see if there are any parties going on in your area. Borders will also be hosting a Midnight Magic party where there will be games, treats, and giveaways. This particular party start at 9pm on July 15th. Barnes and Nobles will also be hosting Harry Potter party's at 660 of their stores. There will be games, give aways, and story time. For more information visit and
You may also visit for information on planning and hosting your very own Harry Potter 6 and 7 party.
Fun Facts about Harry Potter and Sayville, Long Island New York:
Visit, to see where the author has made references to Harry Potter and Sayville on Long Island New York. Read about conspiracy theory's about Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Harry Potter, and how some feel that the whole Harry Potter concept has something to do with homosexuality? Okay! Whatever, moving on...
The Harry Potter Virus:
Man we can't get enough of him, it's just making us sick. Maybe not literately physically sick. But as of now there is an actual Harry Potter computer virus going around, and Harry Potter fans are warned to not open any emails containing any information regarding the book. The email claims to have book 6 available to download. This may be convincing to some fans, as they hit download, what they are really getting is the virus. In desktop a file called 'HarryPotter-TheDeathlyHallows.doc'. For more information on the Harry Potter virus visit
I was also surprised to come into an article written by Judy Blume trying to make statements about Harry Potter could be considered evil. Read it here at
I know every fan out there would love to win a life like Harry Potter magic wand, and right now it is possible to win one from Simply fill out the form and hope for the best.
However the best thing I ran into while searching for all things Harry Potter was the unique endings created by actual Harry Potter fans. At this site you can read fan endings to the book. is raffling off some Harry Potter swag, which includes a poster, teaser poster, logo pen, a tattoo, and a tank top for women. Visit the site and fill out the form for your chance to win.
At, they are giving away a whole slew of Harry Potter prizes to many individuals. Visit the site and fill out the form for your chance at winning one of these great prizes.
Tattoo Sheets,
Engraved Dog Tags,
"Dumbledore's Army" Hat
Kids' "Dumbledore's Army" Tee
American Apparel "Death Eaters" Tee
Women's "Dumbledore's Army" Tank Tee
"4-pack" Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix button set
Wooden Notebook with Quill Pen & Ink
Custom Leather Bag debossed with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Scene It? ® Harry Potter ™ 2nd Edition DVD Game
LEGO Hogwarts Castle
NECA Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Series
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Videogame for PS2
Basically there is enough fun to go around for every Harry Potter fan. To find cool Harry Potter local events simply google Harry Potter and the name of your hometown. A whole slew of fun events should pop up. If not, create one yourself.
Here you can get free Harry Potter wallpaper for your desktop., you can also find some here at
You may also down free Harry Potter screen savers here
Enjoy, and happy Harry Hunting.

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