Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crest Whitestrips: Do They Really Whiten Teeth?

Everyone wants a bright white smile. But not everyone has bright white teeth, so we are forced to hide behind a half smile trying to block people from seeing our actual teeth. Many people suffer from nicotine stains, and coffee stains, and some of us just look like we have sucked on a stick of yellow butter our whole lives. There is a solution to yellow stained teeth though, and the solution is actually not a trip to the dentist for expensive bleaching and whitening techniques. The solution to a whiter brighter smile is Crest Whitestrips.
Crest Whitestrips promise whiter teeth in just 7 days, but let me tell you from a users point of view, that you can actually see a result in just one session.
Each box of classic Crest Whitestrips comes with 54 strips. 28 are designed for your upper teeth, while the other 28 are made for your bottoms. The classic pack is meant for 1 year of use. However I tend to use 1 for the bottom, and 1 for the top once a day for a week straight. After that, I then use them once a week.
The strips simply wrap onto your bottom and top teeth. You are to peel them off of the protective plastic strip, and apply them to your teeth with the gel side touching the teeth. Leave them on for 30 minutes, and then you are to rinse off your teeth of any left over gel. Do not eat, drink, sleep, or smoke while wearing the strips.
You can view a demo on how to apply them to your teeth at
After just one 30-minute session using the strips, I could actually clearly see a difference. My teeth were not pearly white at this point, but I was able to see them move up a shade in white. I was surprised.
By day 7 I had teeth whiter than I thought I would have. By day 10 people even asked me how I was able to smoke and keep such white teeth. I didn't want to tell them my secret, but after looking at their teeth I figured I might as well start small and spread the word to one person. Who knows, maybe in a few years everyone would know about these strips, and everyone I encountered would have fabulously white teeth.
After day 15, I knew that my teeth where as pearly white as I needed them. Any whiter and they'd start to glow. I left the strips in the box for a few months, and my teeth were still just as white as ever.
However months later I noticed they looked a bit dull. One strip later, and they were back to their super white color.
There is nothing better than a white shiny smile. I no longer worry about my teeth, or am self-conscious thinking they look like corn kernels.
I highly recommend that anyone looking to gain whiter teeth buy Crest Whitestrips.
Crest Whitestrips come in many different formulas, such as premium strips that come with a more powerful gel that will get teeth whiter faster. However it is my opinion that the classics are all you will need.
Crest Whitestrips can be found in any super store such as Wal*mart, Target, and Kmart for around $30.00. I know the price may seem high, but trust me the results you will see in just 1 day are amazing. After 7 days you will be addicted to whitening your teeth, and after a month you will find that you no longer need to apply them religiously.
One minor issue with Whitestrips is that sensitive teeth may feel irritation. I myself experienced slight discomfort after long-term use. I simply quit using them weekly, and would only use them bi-weekly and the problem went away.
The best things about Crest Whitestrips are that if you are not 100% satisfied you can get your money back. Simply return your receipt and package UPC within 60 days of purchase. Call 1-800-208-0169 for more information.
However after you try them, I honestly think you will see whiter results, and you will love the product enough to buy them time and time again. Right now you can even visit the site at for a $7.00 off coupon.

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