Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weird Holidays to Celebrate in December

When people hear the word December, they think of Christmas, or Hanukkah...but many people are unaware that for the entire month there is a holiday to celebrate each and every day. These holidays are not known by most average Joe's, so I figured I would take the time to share these little known holidays with anyone who cares to read.
December 1st you can throw your diet aside, and pig out on pie; because today is National Pie Day. Not only is this day dedicated to pie, but it is also Eat A Red Apple Day. How about a red apple pie!? Mmmm, sounds good to me.
The 2nd is National Fritters Day. Yippie, another delicious holiday for me to celebrate (and gain weight).
On December 3rd we should all be thankful for the home we are in, because today is National Roof Over Your Head Day. Most Americans are very thankful for having a roof over their heads...so I think this one should be geared more towards those unappreciative bastards we call kids.
This holiday is a cool one, because where I used to work (McDonald's) they made it a strict ALL BLACK SHOES code. Basically we were not allowed to wear white, or brown, or any other colored shoe besides black (as if customers are checking out out kicks!). I wish I knew about National Wear Brown Shoes Day earlier, because on the 4th I would have shown up in brown kicks.
On the 5th we are all to celebrate something called National Sacher Torte Day. Um, I know, most of you are scratching your heads. It's actually cake though. If you have never tried this type of cake, now is a good time to do some online research for some recipes. Here is one I found.
December 6th is Mitten Tree Day. This is actually a cute holiday to celebrate in schools. All you have to do is set up a fake tree, and have the children bring in a pair of mittens to hang on the tree for a cute and personal decoration for the classroom.
By the time the 7th rolls around many of you will be experiencing summer withdrawal. However today we may not be able to bring back summer, but we can bring back some summer tastes. Today is Cotton Candy Day! Oh yeah! Summer carnivals will come to mind while scarfing down this fluffy treat.
Okay so this holiday just sounds sick! On December 8th it is Take It In The Ear Day. Perhaps that one episode of Family Guy totally ruined my thoughts for holiday.
We're all going to get really fat this month, with cake days, and pie days included. Gaining weight days is not over though for the month of December, because on the 9th it is National Pastry Day.
December 10th is a weird holiday I'm sure you didn't know about. It is Festival For The Souls Of Dead Whales.
On the 11th of December it is National Noodle Ring Day. A nice cheap excuse as to why you gave her a noodle engagement ring, and not a diamond. Haha. Umm...have fun on this day, if you can. It sounds lame.
Here is another lame holiday for the 12th. National Ding-a-Ling Day. Whatever, they couldn't come up with something more creative! Sheesh!
On December 13th is is Ice cream and Violins Day. So are we supposed to celebrate them together or separately? I've never been to an ice cream shop where they had violins playing. This is going to be a tough one isn't it?!
December 14th is National Bouillabaisse Day. I'm just as confused as you really. Actually though, it's a type of fish stew. Ech. Pies, pastries, cotton candy...and now fish stew...pass!
The 15th is National Lemon Cupcake Day. Ew! After eating fish stew last night? Are they serious!?
On the 16th we should all of packed on at least 10 extra pounds. Get ready to add 10 more, because today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Take it easy though, make room for Maple Syrup Day.
On December 17th it is Maple Syrup Day. I think though you should really be watching your weight by now. You may want to pass this one and celebrate Underdog Day instead. Underdog Day is also celebrated on the 17th. Everyone feels like an underdog once in awhile (or every day), so why not embrace it today by doing something completely non-underdog. Maybe tell your boss off, or a bully at school. Hehe.
Another day to gain lots of weight! On December 18th we are scheduled to celebrate National Roast Suckling Pig Day! Uch, as a vegetarian, I think I'm going to be sick. Pass!
On December 19th why not wake up in the morning and treat yourself to a more healthy snack, because today is National Oatmeal Muffin Day. About time they threw in something healthy!
Gather round the living room coffee table with the whole family, because on December 20th it is National Games Day. Too many families don't have time, or even put aside time for family game nights. -In this day and age game nights have become a thing of the past; and God were those nights fun for the whole family.
Whip out games like chutes and ladders, monopoly, bed bugs, and so on....have fun!
The 21st for some reason got jam packed with holidays. On the list of things to celebrate we have Look At The Bright Side Day, National French Fried Shrimp Day, Hamburger Day, and Flashlight Day. It's a busy day today...busy yes, but everything seems boring, and fattening for today.
On the 22nd you should be celebrating National Date Nut Bread Day. Me, I'll be skipping on this one as well.
December 23rd is Roots day. Trace your family roots if you have the time today. Happy hunting.
December 24th is another day that you will pack on some extra pounds. Today is National Egg Nog Day.
On the 25th, not only are we to celebrate Christmas, but we are also scheduled to celebrate National Pumpkin Pie Day! Oh yum!
Oh man, I hate whiners...and now they go and give them a holiday!? Yep, December 26th is National Whiners Day.
December 27th is National Fruitcake Day. I cannot stand fruitcake, but for those who can't get enough...today you can.
On the 28th gather some friends up for National Card Day...make sure you serve plenty of chocolate too, because it is also National Chocolate Day.
December 29th is Pepper Pot Day. Is that a name of a drug!? No actually it is a soup recipe!
December 30th is Festival Of Enormous Changes At The Last Minute. I'm not sure what the hell that is, but yeah, why not change something at the last minute today? Perhaps your clothes, after you have already gotten dressed. Lame I know, but what else are we supposed to do... we can change our minds at the last minute, but most of us do that everyday anyway.
Today is also a day to celebrate National Bicarbonate of Soda Day. Um...yeah, this is just getting pathetic.
Last but not least is December 31st, which is Unlucky Day. I guess they expect us to embrace out unlucky selves today. Celebrate your bad luck or something, maybe it will go away? Hah!
There we have it ladies and gentlemen 31 little known holidays to celebrate each day for the month of December. Maybe on New Years Eve your resolution should be to loose some weight, because if you were to celebrate all of these holidays in December, you probably gained a ton of weight.

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