Thursday, July 31, 2014

Calling All Trend Hunters: The Latest Trends in Everything!

Did you know that there is a site that lists the newest daily trends. I'm not talking what Paris Hilton's hair looks like, or what shoes Lindsay Lohan is wearing, I'm talking about the coolest gadgets one can only dream up.
Did you know they are making a gum that when you chew it will disperse a scent through your skin for up to an hour after chewing it? Yeah it sounds like a Willy Wonka fantasy, but it is reality just waiting to be chewed on.
Wouldn't you ladies love to get your hands on a perfume ring, where with a little tap to the ring it will spritz out scent for you to wear!? I know I wouldn't mind trying one out.
I know all you business moguls out there are going to love this one. A solar powered jacket that will charge your things, such as cell phones. Or how about a glimpse into the newest car releases before they are even available.
If you can dream it, most likely Trend Hunters has already found who has made it.
Trend Hunter is all of the latest trends, its news reports that the news does not always cover, yet trend hunters will. It's a geeks wet dream, and a dreamers playground.
Trend hunter allows users to find the cool trendy items, either on their own or on the Internet. Then users can write a small description of what it is, where to get it, who made it, and when it will be released.
What makes trend hunters so addicting is that they pay. If you find a hot item, or have a hot story, trend hunters may publish you into their magazine. Of course you get paid for your article!
Trend Hunter is an easy site to navigate. They divide their newest trends into category's, or you are free to view all of them at once. Category's include technology, sex, business and marketing, pop culture, art and design, lifestyle, science, world, random and popular trends.
I like to view them ALL at one time, as there are about 10-30 new trends added daily.
What is also great about trend hunters, is that no 2 stories or trends are the same. It can get annoying to view a site where 30 people are reporting the exact same trend just in different words.
I'm just going to throw a few out there, if you visit the site though, expect to see tons more. But here are just a few neat gadgets making their way to consumers.
1. Canada has made the first ambulance to accommodate morbidly obese patients weighing in at 44-1,000 pounds.
2. Space station is brightest man made object in the sky.
3. Convertible stiletto shoes. These shows transform into flats with the click of a button making driving easy.
1. Anti pervert underwear have been developed to block IR beams from perverts cameras taking up skirt photos of woman.
2. Sydney Australia has many upset locals due to a topless car wash, that also offers lap dances to customers.
3. Vortex Vibrations is a new sex toy that attaches to your vacuum cleaner
4. There is a site called myfreeinplants where men donate money to women to help them pay for boob jobs.
1. A new sole bag will get that new shoe your purse.
2. For the fashionistas, Chanel has created a new designer tennis racket, for those obsessed with name brands.
3. Glow in the dark tattoos have also recently hit the club scene.
1. Someone had posted please on a you tube video to send him your free sample piece of tempur pedic mattress. You could sign the piece if you wanted. His make his own bed for free.
There are honestly so many interesting gadgets and doo dads here on the site, and what's best is that nearly all of them come with the included information so that you too can purchase the neat items you see on the site. Some of the trend include galleries of pictures, where others include actual video.
You can find the site here at You are free to view every trend on the site. But when you become a free member you can also view trends that did not make it to website publication. This does not mean that these unpublished trends are less cooler, because believe me, they're all pretty frigging awesome.
Even nerds like being popular, and on trend hunter, you can become popular. By adding in your own found trends that no one else has written about you gain status every time someone clicks in to read your article. You also gain status by posting 'the most' trends. Everything you post is still you're work, and anyone wanting to use your article in a magazine will be paying you.
I have posted a few neat trends I have found on the Internet. But I have yet to receive any pay. This is because when I find something neat, I write a quick description on what it is, where to get it, and how much it costs, and if it is available yet. If you go into more detail though your chances of getting recognized are better.
Pay or now pay, I just love visiting the site everyday to see what the latest trends are. I'm surprised everyday by what they come up with. Things I would not even of imagined.
Check it out! As Paris would say, "That's hot!"

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