Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Velcro Closure Shirts, Designed with Seniors in Mind

A few weeks ago while out in the Hampton's visiting with my Granny, (mind you my granny has a few screws loose) I heard a loud ripping noise coming out of her bedroom. She had told us she was changing her shirt because she was cold.
When we all heard the noise we thought she had ripped her shirt off like Hulk Hogan. But at 85, we sort of thought that was close to impossible. Although she has done odder things before. Who knew?
She came out, and we were all had to ask, 'what the heck was that noise?'
She then went back into her room and brought out her shirt that she just took off. The flower blouse she had on earlier seemed intact, so she certainly didn't rip it; so what gives?
She then ripped open the shirt again, and there was the noise. She seemed excited as she stated: 'Ain't that somthin!?' as she laughed. The shirts button line was actually lined with velcro. Soft velcro to allow for easy on and off, so her fingers didn't actually have to stumble with the small buttons. I had recalled many times in the past hearing 'damn small buttons!' come from her mouth as she struggled to button her shirt. Sometimes she would even come out of the room with buttons attached in the wrong holes.
With her velcro shirt she never had that problem, and the small step of some neat company adding a velcro strip instead of actually button holes and buttons, really made life easier for her. She seemed excited and proud, and watching my 85 year old granny excited about something always brings a smile to my face. I guess it's those small things that excite people, but really for her, this small thing was really something big. It saved her time, and made life easy.
The shirt still has buttons that look buttoned, and you cannot tell at all that velcro is holding the shirt together.
Although I myself have not tried the shirt myself, I saw first hand how happy it made her, and she was excited to share this new invention in clothing with us. It turned out that her friend next door picked up up for her. She had no idea where and wished she knew because she wanted to buy some more.
In efforts to bring comfort to my granny, I went online searching for these velcro shirts. I stumbled upon a site at, and low and behold they had the very same shirt that her neighbor had bought for her. Yowzas though, they are selling for $40.95!
I knew that if I was to get her one, it would be JUST one. It was all I could afford at the time. It sort of pissed me off that shirts designed for seniors cost so much! You'd think they would be discounted or something. At the site I also came across velcro pants and jackets specially designed with seniors in mind.
Although the shirts are expensive, they bring ease to my granny's life, and I know she won't live forever, so at least while she is here I want to give her things she enjoys and likes, and even though the shirts are hefty in price, I had to buy her another one. As of now she has been alternating the 2 shirts she does have, and I think it is time to add a new one to her collection. Perhaps a pair of pants?
She has had the shirt the neighbor gave her for quite some time now, and the velcro has not lost its stick power as of yet. Even if it did though I doubt she'd mind, she is known for flashing people. Hehe.
Why you should take a look at the site and the shirts?
If there is someone in your life who has trouble with button shirts, young or old; these velcro closure shirts will bring them tons of relief, and save them tons of time while still giving off the appearance of wearing a button shirt.

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