Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rottenneighbor.com: Find Neighborhood Reviews Before You Move into a New Home

This website is hot! This is going to be the myspace for all people looking to buy a new home in a neighborhood they are unaware of! WWW.Rottenneighbor.com is in its beta form right now, but that only gives it room to grow even hotter!
Here at the site everyone is free to give reviews about their neighborhood, town, neighbor in general, and so on. Got a bad neighbor who has screaming kids running wild day and night? Or a neighbor who leaves his dog out all night and day to bark up a storm while you try and sleep? Report the perp here at the site!
All of the neighborhood reviews are honest to the core. These are pissed of neighbors who are spilling their guts and telling all.
Those of you looking to purchase a home in a neighborhood that you are unfamiliar with can now spot which neighborhoods to avoid, and why you should avoid them.
How it works:
Simply plug in the website I have just provided. You will then be taken to Rotten neighbors home page where it will ask for the zip code of the town in question. From here you simply add your zip code, or the zip code of the town you are thinking about moving to, and...
Uh oh! What's that!?
Holy crap! A bunch of red tear drops on a map!
This is where the fun begins. All of these red dots are locations of bad neighbors, and the accusers story about the neighbor in question.
Why the site is a must visit for everyone?
Because it also locates pedophiles, perverts, racists, bullies, and so on and so forth.
Why you should check it out?
Because you never know, you may actually be the rotten neighbor being exposed.
The site is truly unique, and I foresee it as becoming a helpful guide to those looking to buy homes.
However the one main issues I have with the site is the mass quantity of bull crap neighborhood reviews where someone felt like adding someones name to the map because they are 'losers in school'. I mean come on.
If everyone respects the site and uses it the way it was intended to be used, I could see it one day becoming an extremely popular site.
Rotten Neighbors is definitely worth a look! I'm as of now seeking for my location. Hehe! We haven't been the best of neighbors, so I wouldn't be surprised to see myself there. Oh gez!

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